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Stop agreeing to cancel!

Let me make this perfectly clear:

Sellers stop agreeing to cancel after you do the job in full.

I’m flabbergasted that sellers agree to cancel after they do a job and complain on the forum that the buyer got the work free. YOU GAVE IT TO THEM!

After you do the job as you said you would, and the buyer says he wants to cancel for some reason, no matter what it is, say no. You did the job and you expect to be paid. What’s wrong with you guys for always agreeing to cancel an order?

I’m not talking about an order you couldn’t complete, or an order that you couldn’t finish or deliver on time. I’m talking about an order you know you did correctly and as agreed and one that provides what you offer in your gig description. If all of these apply, you should never cancel. Say no!


I think that sellers would rather settle for a canceled order rather than a negative review. In my case I would rather have a negative review from a buyer whom I refused to give my work for free, instead of having a lower rating of incomplete projects.


I understand and I fully agree.

However, there are some situations where cancelling may be better. If you already had some bad reviews and the work is not too expensive (like 5$), if you don’t cancel, the buyer will give you a bad review and you will lose sales.

I had this dilemma a few weeks ago. I made an extension on Fiverr for someone, it did not work as he wanted (an issue on his side) and he wanted to cancel. I said no and got my money (45$). He gave an unfair 1 star review (and the customer support didn’t want to change the review). If I already had a low score, but an excellent completion rate and the job was only 5$, I would probably let him have it for free. Every option for me was bad in a way.

I think that there should be a way for a seller to show customer support that they did everything right and they should get their money and get no review (because the buyer will give a bad review no matter what, even if you did all the work).


Unfortunately, this is not the best option for eveyone and I have repeated this many, many times. It only works for those sellers who have enough reviews to absorb the bad ones, as in your case.

Now, the point is, if for whatever reason a seller chooses to cancel, then don’t come to the forum ranting about it. Every seller has to be responsable for the decisions taken.


It’s up to you if you don’t want to get a bad review but it sounds like a lot of sellers cancel when they don’t want to for some reason.

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I agree. Maybe some new buyers don’t know what it implies (whatever the decision is). There should be a “help” message where it explains what happens if they cancel, what happens when they don’t, etc. It was very stressful for me when the customer wanted to cancel.

Yes it does cause lots of stress when a buyer says they want to cancel. I guess I’ve been lucky not to get scamming buyers more than a very few times. I actually only have had it happen a couple of times so maybe I’m not aware of the problem being as big as it is.

Also I recommend charging more than $10 as this helps to deter bad buyers. Charge as much as you can and still get orders.


That’s the mistake most sellers are doing. It is better to have a negative review than having worked for IDK how many days on an order only for it to be canceled in the end. Please allow me to explain how.

When you receive a negative review, you not only get the money from the order, but you also get the chance to explain yourself in your own review/reply to the buyer’s review. It is a WIN-WIN situation, to be honest. You have the ability to craft a well-worded reply to the negative review that will make your prospective buyers appreciate your professional/tactful approach in handling the review and will make them purchase your gigs, irrespective of the negative review.

I think the problem is that most sellers don’t understand this. They are unaware/don’t know how to turn a negative review into a favorable situation where they not only get their well-deserved money but also turn the negative review around in their favor.


This not necessarily stop scammers.


That’s a very good reply.

There is the other issue no one mentions: It affects your self esteem to agree to cancel when you know you did a good job. It’s not a small thing either when this happens. It can affect your health and well being. It might not seem like a big deal at the time but allowing yourself to be victimized and doing nothing to stop it hurts you at a very deep level in so many ways.


Because everyone not interest to get negative review that always buyer hand.

This won’t be much of an encouragement to anyone that sees his/her rating dropping to the subway because of bad reviews due to cheating buyers.

For instance, in your case, it will only take you 4 reviews rated 1* for you to say goodbye to your level 1 as they will make your rating drop to 4.628 but in a case of a seller with only 7 reviews, those same 1* reviews will make his/her rating drop to 3.5.

This situation doesn’t happen on proofreading as frequently as other categories on which this do happen and very quickly. So, the decision to cancel or get a bad review must be taken by sellers and only by them. Each one of us is the one to know what’s better for us.

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Well, I don’t think it could happen multiple times with someone in a row so the mentioned scenario by you is pretty fictional.

Not that much. There are categories like design and development that suffer the most with this type of buyers and situations.


I think it’s Fiverr’s leveling requirements that make sellers agree. I think keeping a good enough rating for Fiverr to like you is harder for most people than order completion rate. But a bad rating is not guaranteed after you disagree to cancel, especially now that buyers know they get reviewed too. Many could give a bad rating to a buyer if they were an annoyance that wanted finished work to be cancelled.

So have to kinda balance it, if you want to keep your level or try for a level up.

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There have a "Complain Centre " for buyers…if you dont agree to cancel the order they directly contact with the CS team and cancel it from support…
moreover you have a highly chances to get "Warning " from CS team for doing this.
Because CS dont read your conversation with the buyer during the cancellation…they just worried “what is buyer wants” :frowning:

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[quote=“misscrystal, post:1, topic:313292”]
I’m not talking about an order you couldn’t complete
[/quote] right ma’am you are absolutely right

Fiverr needs to consider this. When you have so many sellers easily cancelling just to keep a good rating, then they become victims of scammer buyers who know they don’t want a bad review so they get their work free.


If you take that approach you will always drastically limit the income you can make here and how you can grow. It won’t help you get more business here. You’re mitigating one risk, maybe, but creating another one.

Please don’t enable blackmailers. That’s why they come to Fiverr. They prey on the people who they know will help them get away with it. Blackmailers hurt the experience for everyone.


Hi @misscrystal,
Thank you for your suggestion and I also agree with you. But these buyer will give us a negative review. A negative reviews is harmful for our profile. When a buyer complain against us Fiverr support cancel the order. It is a big problem when we are on new leave and leave one seller. After we get a negative review, we do not get much order. Have you any better solution against these types of buyer?
Best regards,