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Stop and check before you ask for help

So since I’m seeing a lot of “I’m not getting orders please check out my gigs/please help” posts again, I’ll leave this here…hopefully it will help a bit.

First of all, it’s 100% OK to ask for help and advice. I have done it too.
However before doing so, you might want to go through this check list:

1. Did you spend a LONG time creating your gigs?
DID YOU check other successful seller’s gigs, their descriptions, their sample images etc and get a clear idea of what a “good gig” is supposed to look like?
I spent hours researching and checking reading etc etc, I think most successful sellers have done the same.

2. Did you double check your gig description, made sure there are no grammar errors, spelling mistakes, etc?
If you didn’t bother double checking, that means you are not serious and not professional. If English is not your first language and you are worried, hire someone to edit your description.

3. ARE YOU SURE you are good at what you are providing?
I’ve seen way too many writing, editing, proofreading and translation gigs being offered by people who clearly does not have the skills. Same thing with logo, banner, business card designs. They just use an image they found online.

4. Are the gig descriptions/ sample images yours?? Or did you simply STEAL them?
It’s amazing how many people come to the forum asking for help just to get their lies exposed. If you claim to be a graphic designer with several years of experience, you should have a good number of sample images that belongs to you.

It seems like some people just don’t have the patience to read through everything.
Seriously, people, read. I know it’s a lot. But just read.

If English is your second language, I know it is hard. Still, you need to read it. If it’s too hard to understand, ask a friend/coworker/family member to help you.

If you can answer YES to all of them and are still having problems, then I think it’s safe for you to ask, and people will be more than willing to help.

If not…well, you might face an ugly situation. Just saying.


Lots of Love . You are just a Mind reader. Great writings. Thank you so much :maple_leaf::maple_leaf::maple_leaf:


Amazing tips. It’s better to bold your subtopics. Isn’t it?


Good point! I made them bolder, thank you! :smiley:


Thanks for your advice @zeus777

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thank you so much :hugs:

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Thanks, bro for your nice tips.`

Great! Good advice.
Thank you so much

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