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Stop and kiss

Keep It Simple Stupid! Ask a Buyer what is your criteria for success with this gig, and determine as a seller if you can meet this requirements. Stop the bait and switch, Sellers are not interested in doing job for 5 dollars, and everyone knows that. Lastly to Buyers, you get what you pay for, put yourself in the Sellers role, communicate what is success to you on a job, treat Seller with respect and treat jobs as a team effort, and remember you are going to get out of your job what you put into it.


Your title is funny lol


Amazing Title!:clap:

I agree with everything. Well, almost everything… I am thankful when I get $5 orders too and I am always happy to complete them. I guess living in a poor country is a good thing when working with strange customers! :slight_smile:

I agree that this is a wonderful title … and it also goes so well with the name of this post’s author :slight_smile:
Take a tip fellow sellers! Create gig titles like this, and people will click on them from curiosity (and hopefully order) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m off too kiss my cat.

I’m afraid some buyers want a tough job done for only 5 bucks. That’s so unfair