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Stop asking for 5 stars


Hi to all sellers. PLEASE do not ask or whine buyers to give you a 5 star all the time, and if we are honest and give you a feedback. dont ask us to change it. its really annoying. We pay for your service and if you do a GREAT job you will have and deserve a 5 stars. But if you keep message us all over, over , over again about “give me 5 stars”. then the chances are that you will not deserve 5 stars.


Sellers should not be asking for positive feedback, or specifically 5 star reviews, as it’s against the ToS.

However, since earlier this year, level requirement changes have meant that any seller who drops below a 4.8 average over the previous 60 days will be demoted, so I can understand why sellers are keen to receive 5 stars when it’s deserved. But only when it is deserved - if they’ve delivered what’s been promised in the gig description. :slightly_smiling_face:


i had a new seller keep asking for 5 stars as the 3.4 stars i gave him was not good enough. I dont trust star ratings on Fiverr - i look at the reviews to make sure they are not friends of the seller etc


Well they do asking about positive feedback and 5 star review. And when I am honest about my review and they dont like it the wants me to change it! recently seller did a good job, I gave him my honest feedback and write " great job on this and fast. but please do not tell your customer over and over again to give good feedback!"

he didnt liked it and wanted me to change the review from 3,4 to 5 stars!

Well i stand my review and will not change it!!


just happened to me. I gave him a total of 3,4 rating and he wants me to change it to all 5 stars.

I dont trust 5 stars ratings on Fiverr either


Out of curiosity… how do you determine which reviews are from a sellers friends?


What reviews would you trust if they weren’t 5 stars? Fiverr’s pushing sellers to get 5 stars, hence the 4.8 average to stay at the same level, or to avoid demotion.

Sellers can’t aim for lower than 5 stars - it would defeat the purpose entirely.


The honest ones, Some 5 stars are being forced. They just give you a 5 star with no review then you know that almost them are forced 5 stars. I have seen lots of reviews on other sites that almost every product as under 4,8 but people still buy the product. so if you having 1 bad review then all of them cant be that bad. People still buy it. same in hotel business. lots of bad reviews there but people still book that hotel. the world is not going to end SELLERS. but stop asking for it! :slight_smile:


click into each profile and read how everything is written. as a content marketer, i can see patterns in how reviews are written by the language and words used.


You’re missing the point here. I agree NO asking for 5 stars…

BUT understand what prompts sellers to ask you (although it’s a TOS violation, and a no no).
Fiverr has made it so that if a seller’s rating falls below 4.8 they get demoted - meaning they lose their level, place in search, and ultimately a good portion of an income, they may rely heavily upon.

Your goal as a buyer - should be to find a great seller, who you’ll happily award with 5 stars (if they complete the work as outlined in their gig description.)

It almost sounds to me, like you’re thinking of reasons NOT to give a seller 5 stars.

But maybe that’s just me…

Too many 3. ANYTHING reviews can be devastating for a seller. On fiverr anything under 5 can be a potential problem, so seller’s strive to get all 5 stars with every order.


Not really, no. Repeat buyers and those who buy a lot often don’t have time to leave detailed reviews for everything they buy.

If you see that a repeat buyer leaves 5 stars but doesn’t write a review, it’s highly unlikely that the review was forced (otherwise that buyer wouldn’t come back).


well i gave my opinion and what I think! I always have time to write a review.

everybody cant be on 1 side


Well that is just only me then!


I get it! And that’s your right as a buyer! BUT, don’t be mad at sellers who want 5 star reviews!! You need to understand why.

With that said - asking for a 5 star review is a TOS violation, so seller’s shouldn’t do it- they could end up with a 3 star review, and suspended account!


Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:


Just in case: that’s what some buyers said on the forum (that they don’t always write a review).

Anyway, I agree that sellers shouldn’t ask for 5 stars. It’s a ToS violation, and it’s annoying. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that those who repeatedly do it bother to read the forum. Reporting them to Customer Support would be a lot more efficient (and if it’s their first violation, they’ll get a warning, they won’t get instantly banned).


Yes you are right, thumbs Up


I was on ebay the other day, and it looks like ebay sellers are in the same boat as Fiverr sellers. Ebay seems to use the same kind of 5-star review system… and all of those sellers over there want nothing but 5-stars as well.

This kind review system seems to be a trend. Fiverr is not the only site that uses it.


Yes!! I’m a bit of an ebay addict… err… shopaholic :confused: and every purchase I make the seller asks for a five star review! Must not be against ebay’s TOS.

They’d rather lose their money via refund - than get anything less than 5 stars.


It’s been like that for as long as I can remember, and that’s a very long time! :slightly_smiling_face: