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Stop asking for 5 stars


Wow. I didnt knew that but yeah i haven´t used ebay, But i know that Uber have the same 5-star trend. Its annoying when drivers tells you “please give me 5-stars” or " I give you 5-stars if you give me 5-stars"


I agree that sellers shouldn’t bother you for a 5 star review. But how in the world could a seller force a review? All it takes is the buyer reporting them to customer service for violating TOS (asking for 5 star is against TOS) and the seller will be in trouble (maybe even have account terminated)

No seller can force a good review.


I no longer trust any reviews either, whether it is on Fiverr, Amazon, eBay…
I was searching for Fiverr groups on Facebook today, and what I found was most disappointing.
I have been on Fiverr for almost 4 years trying to earn some honest income, kindly asking to even get a review, while these people on Facebook just buy each others Gig to get 5-star reviews!


I think its understandable why sellers do it, just thinking it from their point of view. The new policy of fiverr made it very much important to maintain their positive reviews above 90% so they ask for more and more now than before.


I was on ebay the other day, and it looks like ebay sellers are in the same boat as Fiverr sellers. Ebay seems to use the same kind of 5-star review system… and all of those sellers over there want nothing but 5-stars as well.

But does ebay require its sellers maintain a >=4.8 star rating? Or Amazon? Does Amazon stop someone from selling products (or Amazon stop selling them) if their average reviews fall below 4.8 stars?

The 4.8 star requirement is making the star rating on Fiverr inaccurate really. It puts pressure on buyers to give 5 stars and makes some sellers ask for a certain number of stars etc. (eg. “give me 5 stars” or similar) The average should be about 3 stars.


well just think on my point of view , do you really want this on your inbox

place a positive feedback with 5 star rating ( 11:57 August 07, 2018 )
place a positive feedback with 5 star rating ( 03:20 August 08, 2018 )
give feedback and with 5 star rating ( 03:28 August 08, 2018)
sir order complet and write good feedback and with 5 star rating ( 05:33 August 08, 2018 )

This is just annoying!!!


Well, if you really DO NOT trust a rating star review, just give 5 stars if the seller delivered what you wanted & move on, there’s no need cause so many dramas with ratings & complaining here. We as a seller only want 5 stars, 1 - 4.5 stars considered as bad to the gig profile. I hope buyer understand this is fiverr forcing us to beg for 5 stars, not really we wanted it due to maintaining THE 4.8 crazy standard.


When I work for my clients, I make them everything clear how hard I needed to work for getting the job done, in this way, he feels it necessary to give me 5 stars.

Some clients think that 4* is really good, 5 star is for extraordinary people.

Well I appreciate, but fiverr won’t, rating matters to us sellers.

We love to provide highest quality service and we love more to get best rating and reviews


This kind of messages prove the poor Quality of a seller. As a seller, i think i should concentrate on my buyer’s requirement and should try my best to satisfy him/her . If i could make my buyer satisfy then s/he will obviously give a nice feedback. Everything depends on my skill and my sincerity on the project :slight_smile: its my personal opinion . Happy freelancing :slight_smile:


That’s the idea - you might find when you’ve completed a few orders that the reality is different. :wink:


Ha ha ha… You got point :slight_smile: but our first priority should achieve the buyer’s satisfaction then we can ask them humbly for a review but we can’t claim to give us 5star review


Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a review. Twice. So, if you ask buyer to leave a review, they might find it annoying, and leave a lower rating.


It’s up to the buyer for sure. So, Asking repeatedly to the buyer for 5 star is a bad practice and annoying.


You get the first message. You leave a 1-star review. You say: "Work was okay but seller started harassing me to leave a 5-star review. - VERY UNPROFESSIONAL"

And then you get on with your life. It literally couldn’t be simpler.


I usually say something like “if you have an extra minute, please leave a review since that helps me get more work, and gives other buyers a hint about the quality of my service…”

I think the annoying part is the tone some people use- forcing through begging and complete absence of manners. That’s so… Arrrggghhh


Seller should never ask for 5 stars. That is against the tos and they can get them banned. But, sellers like that probably never read tos.

Anyway. If I buy anything here, and seller do this, I would or report him, or give him 5 stars for work (if work was great), communication with seller 1 star, and buy again or recommended 1 star

Little “joke”, he didn’t asked 5 star for all 3 ratings lol


some buyers drop rating to 3-4 with 2-3 start for communication and 5 for service and recommendation just because buyer never talk to him. Is it possible that seller understood everything Buyer need and need not to ask for more?
and he then later if he does good job, buyer should add 5 stars all over?
This happened to me…he loved the art but add 1 for communication…!


This seems to be logical :+1:


This is my review.

great job on this and fast. but please do not tell your customer over and over again to give good feedback!

and i get on with my life.

few minutes later i get this

" I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer"

But this is now been report to the Support and they know about this.

But what im still trying to say to all sellers out there. STOP ASKING FOR 5 STAR RATING!!! Well let me change that. STOP ASKING ME FOR 5 STAR RATING :slight_smile:

It literally couldn’t be simpler. THank you


I just looked at my own reviews and even they look a bit suspicious lol. Only because this month i been working almost exclusively with a buyer. I don’t like taking huge orders at one time cuz i hate racing the clock, so instead of making a $200 custom order i use my $25 premium package instead for each part. So the last 5-6 orders i have are from the same buyer.

-That was a challenging assignment and you killed it. Impressed.
-I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with this amazing artist.
-Extremely talented and fast!
-This guys money!! Exceeded my expectations!!

I would never ask for a 5 star review. If someone leaves me a 4 star review i simply ask them what i could have done to improve my service. Sometimes they tell me absolutely nothing it was great. It is what it is.