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Stop asking for 5 stars


that is much better way to say.


Mine too! I have a long term customer of 6 years, and he always lets the reviews build up, then posts them all at once lol… It’s a very clear pattern. :blush::rofl:


Pretty sure that’s against fiverr TOS anyway?


You can say the buyer (please make a positive feedback for me)


If you ask for a positive feedback, you’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If you do it repeatedly, you can get banned.

Please don’t advise users to do something that would get them banned.


Good advice. :slight_smile:


Absolutely true.If any seller has did good work and satisfied his client 100%, he is bound to get 5 star rating.Asking don’t look good and it is against fiverr terms and condition.
I am also a seller but never asked for rating.I only asked about my client query if any left to be completed.I have always get 5 star rating from my client because I deliver the satisfaction to my client.
It is old saying Respect can’t be asked it should come from heart automatically for a reason.


Did seller repeatedly harass you for a review and THEN report the case to CS themselves? That dedication to getting in trouble is seriously impressive.


Disclaimer: I am a seller.
When a clients orders me something, and demands he wants this for 5 bucks, even though it is clear in the description it was supposed to be 25. AND I agree, deliver in 1 days, PLUS I give him something extra. This is when I accept no less the 5 stars.
Some clients enjoys the power of giving 3.4 just because he “only” got what he ordered, it does not mean you are right. Customers should understand sellers too why 5 star is important.
Does it really hurt you to give 5 stars? It costs you nothing. Or don’t give me feedback at all.

Yes, if I promised you a house and you received a cottage with no doors or windows, and I was even late, I do NOT deserve that 5 stars. But if you got what you ordered, got some extra bells and whistles, don’t just say “It was OK” with 4 stars.


I’d rather have no review than a 4 star review. I blame Fiverr’s 4.8 star average for this.


Not always so. Many times Buyer would feedback “Excellent”, “Perfect” and every good remark there is, only to leave less than 5*. @socialhonor puts it explicitly when he said “Your goal as a buyer - should be to find a great seller, who you’ll happily award with 5 stars (if they complete the work as outlined in their gig description.)”. If Seller delivered ‘beyond expectations’ I wonder why Buyer won’t rate correspondingly. Baffling.


This is an assumption. It doesn’t always work that way.


I always try to best for my customers and hope good ratings from them… Happy Selling…


just report such messages. IT’s not allowed at fiverr

also,I would stop working with such sellers and give a low rating, because my experience wasn’t good, and I would explain in the review why I gave such low rating.


Like my mother would say " If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all" so you are correct I think. However as a new seller I understand this. There is however a lot wrong with Fiverr. Take eBay for instance 1 bad feedback does not send you into the Cra**er like Fiverr


Yes the seller repeatedly said over and over again.


I have blocked the seller from contacting me and reported so its all good for now. :slight_smile:


Yes, asking for 5 stars is a bad idea. Buyers and their money are the most important ultimate goal.
Sellers, skills and work time are secondary value that leads to this goal.

But I just want to say that everything below 4,8 is basically a bad review. Only with 4,8 and higher we can maintain our Fiverr levels. 5 stars is the highest, and the next possible step lower you have damn 4,7… LOL. So if I’ll receive 4,7 only then I’ll drop to the level 0, without mercy. We have the whole point range against us with just one exception - full 5 stars. Yeah, try to call 4,7 stars a “good” review again… I prefer the old system with thumb up or thumb down, that was more fair. Just like on youtube - in the past they changed 5 stars ratings to the present up or down. Fiverr did the opposite…


Exactly! And what I find is that if a buyer is not satisfied with the result (even UNREASONABLY) - they tend to lie in their review. If you had stellar communication they rate it 1 - if you did exactly as described in your gig description, they rate it 1 - and the only true rating is is if they would ever buy again, or recommend- which they rate 1.

But the categories they lie about contribute to a potential demotion.


In the interest of your mothers mental health, you might want to make sure she never uses the Internet. :slight_smile:

This is true but eBay has a lot of shortcomings.

I recently bought a food grade (consumable & fully legal) supplement from eBay. What arrived was a non-food grade (highly toxic) industrial chemical packaged in Chinese. Another eBay buyer might not have been able to test the product quality and could very well kill themselves. Because of this, I left an evil review and complained. 2-weeks later and the seller is still going about business as usual…