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Stop asking for 5 stars


My Mother G-d bless her, has passed. So no fear of her Goggling as she would say


This is why I Amazon Prime from Amazon direct sellers


I am very sorry. I hope you didn’t think my comment off-hand in anyway.


No buddy we have ping-ponged before. I get your humor. No offence your good


I am a seller and I totally agree with you. Everyone has their right to present their opinion about anything they experience.

As for the seller, you have to work hard and ensure that buyer gets everything according to their satisfaction. Keep asking if they need any modifications and would like to see any changes in current work.
Note that some of the buyers are experiencing this platform for the first time so guide them and be friendly, It’s important as much as providing a quality work and you will get a good review without asking.


Im a seller with 4.9 overall rating. And asking for 5 star reviews is like begging. It is humiliating. . . You’re not playing a game to get ‘rating’ , this is business to some people.
Provide quality that will skyrocket your income and reviews will come by themselves.


Why would you consider 4.8 good and 4.7 bad, in what logic?
Just curious :smile:


4.7 gets you demoted 4.8 not


Like he says, it’s in Fiverr’s levels logic (which is bad logic because in reality both 4.8 and 4.7 are good ratings).

For Fiverr’s levels you need to “Maintain a 4.8 star rating over the course of 60 days”. If you get <4.8 on average (over the last 60 days) you either don’t reach a level (eg. don’t reach level 1 if you were unleveled) or get demoted from the level you were on. So that’s why <4.8 stars is bad for a seller in Fiverr’s current system. Hopefully they’ll change the levels system at some point.


I don’t even use word review (Level of fear) I just use word feedback. Its really not good thing to ask for a 5 star what ever you deserve you get it. If I fear I might get 2,3 stars I would rather cancel order if I lack things on my side.


Ah yes.Correct. And a bit stupid about the system.


Then what do you trust? 2star 3 star :roll_eyes:
Now i understand why new buyers won’t order from me I got only repeated buyers and sadly they are giving me 5star. Is it against TOS if i ask buyers give a bad review once in a while?

Yes i personally think fiverr should remove overall review rating from Level system almost every gig has 5star rating. It should be 2 star 1 star 3 star all mixed rating system why fiverr pushes sellers to get 5stars this is fiverr’s fault.A Review is from a buyers point of view. Some designs are totally crap from artist point of view and buyer think its 5star. Even picasso art can get a negative review from a buyer who has no knowledge of the subject.


No, you can´t, that is against Fiverr´s ToS.


I think asking for 5 stars against the TOS. I read tos yesterday :grin:


Once a review is given it can not be changed or modified.

So tell your seller that it is not possible as there is no option to do that.

Every seller and buyer should know it.


When I am about to deliver an order.

I always leave a simple line in addition to my delivery message.

…If you feel i did a great job, don’t hesitate to give me a 5/5 and a smile. It will help me a lot.

This is however against the TOS, so use it wisely.


If something is against the ToS, it is wise to not use it at all (rather than using it “wisely”). :wink:


Soon you’ll have loads of 5-star reviews, but no account on which to display them. :stuck_out_tongue:


But logically, if he does not have any account it means he also lost all of his 5 stars. :thinking:


I think @ahmwritingco just meant it as a joke :wink: