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Stop asking for false reviews!


Boy, I hate it when I get messages asking for false reviews. No, I’m not going to review someone’s Air BnB when I’ve never been there! My integrity is worth more than $5, so I wish people would stop asking me to lie for them. If people want good reviews, they have to work for them. That’s what the sellers on Fiverr do, so that’s what others should do for their own businesses.

Besides, one great review in the middle of a bunch of ho-hum reviews is bound to look suspicious.

Anybody else get these requests? Do you report them as spam?


I did when I began but not recently.
I generally just say no thanks but I would prefer to say ask when my flight will be, what the arrangements are to pick me up from the airport, what length of time they were planning to have me for etc.


I get them sometimes, though not recently. I politely turn them down and explain that Fiverr doesn’t allow it.


I sometimes get requests for reviews from repeat clients of mine that worked with me at the time when I was selling fake reviews (3 years ago), but I turn those offers down.

You know what is more irritating to get a message from a Fiverr seller asking you to do a review swap, that’s the worst thing I can imagine.


Review without purchasing?


@anjylina Nope its like you purchase my gig and i purchase urs…and giv good reviews ratings to each other… ths he means.[quote=“gig_freak, post:4, topic:155266”]
Fiverr seller asking you to do a review swap, that’s the worst thing I can imagine.


I didn’t see that you asked me. What @zmari_chamba said is correct. :slight_smile:


I didn’t specifically asked to you.Thanks!
@zmari_chamba Thank you for explanation. I never heard about this before.


Can’t understand them, there are FB groups for generating reviews. Why do they bother you?
They multiply reviews as I see. Also it’s extra income for Fiverr. (they pay for orders)


This system seems very unfair and illegal. I see a lot of groups on Facebook to exchange the reviews! Seeing those post about exchanging reviews, I got stuck thinking how fraud a man can be!

I always love to stay Honest and wanna earn with my hard work, not by any fraud means.

N.B: I am not much experienced on Fiverr, just started my journey. All those things have been written based on the experience my friends have shared with me.

Thanks a lot all


Well, it really bothers me as a buyer. How can I trust anyone’s review? I’m spending money to receive a good product or service; many times I do so based on the reviews I read.

I’ve read on this forum, there are level 2’s and higher that buy or exchange reviews when they are not getting sales (low impressions, etc.) to trick, not only the buyer but, the system to rank them higher.

There are level 2 who will sell their account for hundreds of $$ instead of shutting it down. If you read some old threads, there are people talking about it.

I buy, I get more than shoddy work, I get bad communication, late delivery, headache, etc. It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a bigger nightmare for a new buyer, who gets ripped off.

New buyers get chastised when they buy low: “The reason why you got bad (whatever) is because you are cheap & went the lowest prices gig.”

New buyers get chastised when they buy high: “You should have bought low instead of spending a lot on your 1st try.”

I have, along with everyone else, given those exact same advice to a newbie buyer - it’s confusing as heck for them. :persevere:


@gina_riley2 Although I haven´t purchased as much as you have, I feel you, especially the crappy communication part. You try to be patient, but some sellers take that for granted. I never come back to such seller. Fool me once, it´s their fault. Fool me twice it´s my fault. (edit: I ran out of hearts).


I checked out those groups. It´s crazy.


It bothers me because as a Seller I know how hard it is to get a good review and as Buyer how even more harder it is to choose a good seller based on reviews.


@ghemachandar1 Those dishonest sellers give a bad name to the honest ones. The fact that they advertise it openly in those groups selling and buying reviews with no shame at all is just mind boggling to me.


Fiverr needs to Stop it. Because if people are getting review Through this method then this platform will become hell for buyers as well for Authentic sellers.


When two sellers who offer the same exact type of service have left a couple of reviews for each other, could it be an obvious sign that they have exchanged reviews? I just saw it this morning while I was checking out some gigs.


I’ve gotten a few of them for reviews on Trip Adviser. I was shocked since I use that site to find good restaurants and places to stay or visit. I was also surprised that a stranger would contact me and ask me for that. I found it disturbing.


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I’m always puzzled why would anyone buy a review on Fiverr? I mean if I pay someone to do a review I’m losing money, not making it. And the whole purpose is to make money. I guess someone could say that buying reviews helps make more sales but I find that hard to believe — there are people on Fiverr who have hundreds of legitimate reviews and unless you are willing to buy as many fake reviews to compete with someone who has hundreds, even thousands, you better have lots of money. Oh well, maybe I’m just not seeing what others are getting. It won’t be the first or last time that happens :slight_smile: