Stop asking for samples!


I feel I’ve done everything I can:

  • Composed a gig profile that is concise and contains all the info a buyer should need to make an informed decision.

  • Included a demo video.

  • Uploaded three audio demo reels

  • Added some FAQ’s that answer the majority of queries (on average) that I have received over the past 4 years.

And yet, I still get messages like this:

“hi sample plz”

“Can you send me a sample of the first line of my script? I want to see if your voice is suitable.”

It’s like going into an Estate Agents and asking to live in one of their properties for a month, to see if you will like it.

Or going into a Bakers and asking to cut some slices off one of their loaves to check the quality of the flour.

Or going into a Bank and asking if you can withdraw some money from the ATM to see if you like the feel of the keypad before you open an account with them.

Well, perhaps not so much with the last one, but you get where I’m at.

Read the gig page! Read it! READ IT! It’ll take you all of about 2 - 3 minutes. I mean I realise that you could discover a cure for a terminal illness in that time, but being resourceful would stop me having a nervous breakdown!


Happy Sunday.


“Sure, check out the demo reels in the gallery!”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t offer free custom samples. However, for $10 only, I can send you a sample of up to 150 words! Do you want me to send you a custom offer?”


Already have them as a quick response. I shouldn’t have to, but still…


None of us should have to, but with all the books and courses teaching scammers how to get work done for free, plus the platforms teaching buyers that sellers will send them samples and they can pick the one they like best…


“can you send me a sample that doesn’t say anything about fiverr, please? It’s for a client…”

been there…

“Can I have a sample of the script, please so I know I’m not wasting my money?”

— absolutely been there . I replied “I’m sorry but I charge for my time so I can’t give free samples.” … THEN the “customer” responded with:

“My money is worth more than your time, so you need to send me a sample so I don’t waste my money if I don’t like your work”

… I was pretty infuriated… What a horribly rude person!


Lucky I haven’t had any buyers like this. Best to avoid them. Your portfolio samples should be enough for them to know if you are fit for the job.


In my fiverr’s profile I clearly written no free samples but someone continue to ask such as “please can you send me a sample of the style that I’m looking for…”…I never did them. It does not make sense because there is the portfolio for the samples! I hate these buyers timewaster…


You would think, right?


How do you put your portfolio of work on Fiverr gigs? I can’t see a section for that.


Geeezzz :hushed:

Ah man the anger. Idk what I would say or do.


I also have a quick response that I shoot back which directs them to my demos, however I have included a line that says, "The fact that you are looking for free samples might be an indication that I am not the right VO artist for you. Since budget is an issue, the fact that my gig comes with no revisions, and I am substantially higher in price than most sellers, sounds like it could be a problem.

There are many VO sellers who are starting out who will give you a much lower price and unlimited revisions for $5. Perhaps you should look to work with one of them."

(Yes, this is intended to send them away). I don’t like cheap buyers.


I had almost verbatim the same message not so long ago. I mean, it’s not as if there isn’t a money back guarantee slapped on the top of our gigs now, or the fact that they can poke the revision button as many times as they like…

And it doesn’t help when you’ve got a$$hats like this trolling the site:


Do you mean a live portfolio? You get prompted for that when you deliver an order - it’s the right hand side of the delivery field.

Or go to edit gig and then ‘gallery’ :slight_smile:


Actually, I don’t have that one in my quick response, but all that is set to change however! I hope you don’t mind?


I say no as the work belongs to other clients.


Exactly. 90% of the time I can’t share my previous work because of NDAs, etc.


Of course not, good luck!

I don’t sign NDAs, but still, I keep everything confidential. I’ve got the permission from buyers to share some of the work I did for them, and that’s the only work I share.


I know what you mean, always the same story :confused:
One of my conversations…




UGH… what a troll, seriously…No thought about the other side of the internet, that’s for sure