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Stop autoplay on my video files and change "the wording ofwhich website the videos are powered by"


does anyone have any idea where I can get the services on fiverr to stop all my videos from autoplaying in files itself? Also I want to change the wordings og which website is powering these videos. For e.g “videos powered by” . So now whenever I put these videos on my amazon s3 and on my website, the viewer has a choice to choose to press the play button and when the play button is pressed and the video starts playing the viewer will see who is powering the videos underneat the video itself just before it is loaded. This is like a sort of quick subliminal advertizement .



The “powered by” is probably the copyright holder’s information and you would have to pay them for the removal of that.

As for it autoplaying, I have not seen any videos on fiverr that autoplayed if you are using them in your gigs. Maybe someone else can help with this.


thanks for your reply but i am looking for “stopping autoplay services” not on fiverr but for my website videos. I just need this service.


How did you create your website? Is it just html or done with wordpress or what?

This might help:


Hey Thanks for the reply I use wordpress


Have a look at this:

and set autoplay to off if it’s not set like that.

Another site says there’s an option in the Wordpress admin settings, where they say to check/change the “autostart” option for an object.


If you can’t get things like the above to work you could post a request in the “buyer request” section asking for this service to be done.


this amazing response ,thenks a million I am on it now
thanks again