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Stop charging us to tip!

Really annoying to have to pay a $1 fee just to tip my seller 5 bucks. Especially when we know they take 20% on top of that. Not fair, what other service do you know of that skims from peoples tips?


Create a team account and you’ll save money on tips.

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FAIR IDEA :blush:

Adding funds to team accounts saves money and secures too

Its fiverr policy
Accept it and work here otherwise no way

Yes, in fact, I do know of other sites that take a % of any “tip” a client gives. The reason why they do this is: think if you were to just instruct your buyer (or you as a buyer are instructed) to “tip” a certain amount, so that the seller can keep 100% of the tip - which bypasses the sites ability to earn $ and keep the site running - you would have unscrupulous sellers just telling buyers to use the tip function to order (and perhaps give them a discount to do so) so that they can keep 100%? Too many loopholes and bad sellers would take advantage of this. This is why Fiverr as well as other sites that allow clients to tip sellers take their % still.

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Fiverr does not “skim” you from tips. They implemented the 20% charge because they know people will try to play the system. Eg… Lets say your gig costs 100$. If a buyer pays 100$ you will get 80$ but if fiverr doesn’t deduct the 20% from tips you could ask the buyer to pay you 50$ and tip you the rest. In the end you will have (50-20%)+50$ tip= 90$. Before you post another rant about fiverr charging you for tips consider that they give you the platform for free and only charge you after you make money. Fiverr servers and stuff also need to be paid to maintain the site. 20% is the best deal you will ever get.

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Oh come on people. Do you really think they are taking money out of the tips just to prevent people abusing it? I doubt it. There are plenty of ways you could flag accounts that are receiving suspiciously high tips compared to their gig cost. Maybe take a percentage out or charge a fee if it’s over a certain amount, but if I’m buying a $5 gig and I want to tip $2 I have to pay 50% more and make it $3 and my seller doesn’t even get all of $2 from it. That is nonsense.

I will check out the team account thing though. Haven’t heard of it until now.

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Yes. That is EXACTLY why Fiverr keeps 20% of all tips.

The guy isn’t complaining about the “Tip”. He is asking if he wants to tip a seller, Fiverr charge him $1 extra if he only wants to pay $5. Read the post again.

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Even if I read the post a million time the exact reason I posted above will apply, with just a tiny twist.

There are many instances where companies take a percentage of “tips.”

Fine Dining - The gratuity may or may not be divided by (and in some cases completely withheld by) the establishment.

Casinos - Some establishments track all tip outs to dealers and divide profits.

Ladies of the Night - If belonging to an organization, employees relinquish their payments (in full) to the operator after the transaction. As section two of the handbook clearly states, “Point of sale shortages will not be tolerated. Failure to provide accurate accounts at cash out may result in employee evaluation, unpaid leave or that pimp hand.”

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I agree with what you are saying however, I see it as Fiverr see’s it - Any dollar coming through their machine is slapped with a 20% fee (Deduction) that goes toward the improving and management of the Fiverr website.

Do I support the 20% fee?
Absolutely. They deserve to get paid for offering me a service to sell my wares at.

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