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Stop complaining you don't get sales and improve your gigs! How? Read this!

Hey guys! Every single time when I see someone complaining they don’t get any orders and when I look at their gigs, I see HUGE room for improvement in the descriptions. EVERY TIME! You need to SELL your gig!

Is there any reason in your description that will make someone stop and say:
“I want to buy this gig!” ? No? This is your answer, all you guys who say over and over that no one is buying your gigs. It’s your own fault.

Don’t sit there and wonder and moan that you aren’t getting enough sales. Get to work on your gigs!

  1. Hire a great English speaking writer on fiverr to write a compelling gig description for you that will leave buyers UNABLE TO RESIST YOUR GIG.

  2. Keep trying different wording and descriptions each week until you find what speaks to buyers needs and wants.

  3. Make sure your English grammar is good in the descriptions. Do not use multiple exclamation points. Do not use smiley faces. Have someone proofread your gig description who really knows and understands English grammar.

  4. Think about what your buyers really want and offer it to them. If you were a buyer looking for what you sell, what would you hope to see in the gig description?

  5. Have lots of sample work if you are a designer. How can someone buy your gig if they have no idea what they will be getting?

  6. Your gig description is what brings buyers. If you are not getting sales that is probably why. Keep changing it around until you hit on something that brings in buyers. Don’t just sit there wondering why you don’t get sales. Keep trying new gig descriptions.

  7. Offer lots of gig extras at all different prices.

  8. Offer 24 hour delivery and NEVER BE LATE with a delivery.

  9. If you have a great gig description that grabs a buyer’s attention and makes them feel your gig is something they must have, you will have orders coming in.

  10. Don’t copy someone else’s gig. This is a good way to get your account banned.

Never just write an unappealing gig description and then just leave it there and wonder why no one is buying from you. Keep changing and improving it always. Hire a great writer to give you a well written description. In fact, hire several great writers and try changing your gig description with each of the various descriptions from various writers until you find one that works for your gigs. Then hire them to write descriptions for all your gigs. It might cost you some money but it will pay you back over and over in sales.

I wanted to give everyone this important advise and if you take it and use it, you should have a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR with lots of sales.

Happy 2016 everyone!


It’s funny how obvious this sounds and yet so many people don’t do it, it drives me crazy!
I honestly think that these people need to find something else to do with their lives if they are not going to at least try. $5 would get someone (Not me) to quickly look over their gig and advise them on what to change - yet they won’t do it.

Great points and Happy New Year MissCrystal!


Yes! Happy New Year to you too eoinfinnegan!

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Great Tips… thanks… :slight_smile: Happy New year to you and your family…thanks… :slight_smile:

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Happy New Year to you too!

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Really, it’s a matter of luck succeeding on Fiverr or on any freelance marketplace. Just one bad review early in your career can wreck your business. I have to pinch myself everyday that I have done as well as I have here…and that too in a category where there’s a natural bias against non-native English speakers. I can only thank God - #1, and my buyers - #2. Had I read some of the comments here when I got started, such as how it’s impossible for a non-native writer to get orders on Fiverr, how we have an odd (idiosyncratic?) way of writing, why nobody in their right mind would hire us, why when you hire a non-native, yu should be prepared to get low quality cheap and plagiarized work - all of these are actual comments made by your great friend who I will not name here and which I read today and over the the last few days - I would have never got started. Maybe I would go back to my old job as a lowly paid ERP consultant, where I made less than 10% of of what I do now. Rant over.


You write very well. As you demonstrate, it’s not so much about what country you come from as it is your ability to write and communicate well. Don’t put yourself down by saying your success is a matter of luck. You do well because of great communication among other reasons. Watch out for too much negativity I would say also to everyone (myself included). :smiley:

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Yeah, my point is, there’s too much negativity here. It doesn’t affect me because I have done fairly well for myself and am secure and don’t care what anyone thinks about me…but 1.5 years ago, when I was new, had I spent time here, I would probably run away from Fiverr, thinking I would never make it, so why bother.


The point is, you are here and thriving. Fiverr works well for you. You are a great example of a non native English speaker who has a good command of English and is doing well.

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Yes, and that’s because at that stage, when I started out, I cut out the “noise” and focused on my work. That’s my advice for newbies as well.

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Success on Fiverr doesn’t have much to do with luck, as another commenter said, so much as it does with self promotion and simply being good at what you do. I see so many people on here who think that simply creating a gig and stuffing it with an aborted goat fetus will magically turn into piles of sales overnight. Fiverr has an internal search ranking system and tries really hard to spotlight higher quality sellers, but promoting yourself outside of Fiverr and, again, actually being good at what you do is the secret to success, and even then, it’s not much of a secret. Regarding reviews, this goes back to being good at what you do: if you can deliver what you’ve advertised, sales and positive reviews will follow. If you can’t deliver what you advertise, and you’re not willing to refund orders when you know you did a poo-tar job, then yeah: you’re going to get blasted with negative reviews and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

But its obviously not obvious enough! I have started offering to write gig descriptions, but I haven’t had any sales in that sector. My gig has had other proofreading sales, but none asking to write an actual gig description. Has anyone actually done this?

Those who most need to have their gig descriptions improved seem a little oblivious to it.

Please, reveal the secrets of the aborted goat fetus. I just so happen to have one to hand, and it would be a shame to waste it when I can use it to create piles of sales the magic way!

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You could actually use any sickening mess you have on hand.

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But which particular sickening mess should I choose, based on its ability to grant me the power of mountains of orders from rich buyers who love generously tipping me?

I mean, I wouldn’t want to use my cat’s latest sacrificial offering when an aborted goat fetus has so much more to offer.

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I guess so :slight_smile:

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Can this be pinned to the top please? We get lots of new sellers asking why no one is buying their gigs. Almost always they need to improve their gig descriptions.

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Thank you.Good Advice.

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Great tips Miss Crystal. A very Happy New Year to you!

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