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Stop filling your gig image with informations!

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hoffman

Good main gig image is most important thing that makes your gig get attention and clicks. You may think that your 900 words gig description or 5 best performing keywords are giving your sales. This is far from truth. If your gig image is good you are gonna get noticed, if your gig image is great your gig converts clicks. I just started on fiverr and my main gig is converting 76% views into clicks.

If your gig is not performing well, you should think about upgrading your main gig image. And tips included in this small article you don’t need to use only in fiverr, many of this tips will work in other sections of life - business, politics or even real life.

Switch to Buying and search for random services. Now look at best performing gigs and gigs that perform mediocre. Look at the gig images of both sellers and compare them. What you gonna see in most cases is:

Mediocre Seller Gig Image:

  1. Filled with unnecessary and too much informations
  2. Using small text sizes and bad fonts
  3. Too much bold text, cursive or any other text decorations
  4. Mark out not important things
  5. Bad use of colors


Top Seller Gig Image:

  1. Simple
  2. Good use of fonts
  3. Perfect color combinations
  4. Important content is highlighted
  5. Not much of text decoration


And even this gig image should be simpler. The truth is when it comes to gig images the less is more. How im gonna know what you do, if you fill your gig image with “TOP RATED SELLER”, “100% SATISFACTION” or my favorite “EXCLUSIVE ON FIVERR” badges , like what’s that even supposed to mean?

We web developers know that users this days are spending just too low time on websites, and can’t be bothered with unnecessary informations. In the past websites was looking like newspapers and to find something you needed to play with hundreds of navigation items… :wink:

But now if you will try to present too much information to client, client will get bored and look for simpler gig. Buyers time is important and they don’t give a crap if your service is “exclusive” because it’s not and they can get same job done just two mouse scroll moves away.

In my opinion the best practice is to keep it simple, clear and use color combinations that contrast with each other. You can even go deeper and use color psychology on your gig image to boost your gig even more! About color psychology you can read there: Use color psychology to improve your gig

I hope you understand me. Im not trying to offend someone. Remember we all trying to make some money. Good luck with your gigs! :grinning:


Got a good laugh. Thank you!


Well this is funny but there are a lot of sellers that do that. Hope that somebody will change his look on gig images after seeing that topic :wink:

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Such long articles are not even read through. Instead, 3 new threads will open with “Help me get order please”.

Sorry … But in today’s society, everything has to happen very quickly. Little things like that can’t be to blame for missing orders. That just doesn’t get into the heads of the sellers.

I thank you in any case. In addition to the amusing spelling, your contribution also has some quality and really helps!


Yes you are right, I should keep this article much more shorter. But there were just so many important things. But if one seller will stop and understand at least half of it it will be success :slightly_smiling_face:


Loved the ebook part :joy::joy:


Wonderful Tip for new sellers


Though in your “business logo” gig image example, apart from the text, looking at that image, would you instantly know it’s about creating a business logo? It’s large text over a faint image of people in a room with a laptop. Does it give a rough idea of what sort of logo a seller is selling? What if a seller had 4 gigs - each for a different style of logo, could someone quickly get an impression of the style they wanted from the (main) gig image if it was similar to the one above?

The gig image dos and don’ts page at:

Have a section on relevancy. But I’m not sure, apart from the text, whether the image is totally relevant, especially since it’s quite faint (probably more faint than most gig image background images), since we don’t see anything about logos (or style of logos if the gig was for a particular style of them).

Also if you created a whole page of 20 gig images in a similar style, ignoring the text, would someone be able to quickly make out a particular gig they wanted/they had seen before? Icons are supposed to allow you to quickly see the icon you want to click on, but for that, the icons should be quickly recognisable, and usually aren’t faint.

If you removed the text from the top selling business logo gigs’ images I think you’d probably still be able to tell that those gigs were still about designing logos, but would you be able to (easily/quickly) tell the same thing from your example business logo gig image with the text removed?

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I made this logo example in 5 minutes but I don’t think it’s wrong. In my opinion most important thing is what client will see first. And when he looks with his eye first he will see big text “create business logo” and maybe if he don’t click immediately and focus his sight more he will see this 7% opacity background. It’s added just for decoration, because in this particular example adding gig related background is not really the case. Why? Because what you gonna add there, your portfolio projects? They will be too important and too transparent at the same time for that… I don’t say that you shouldn’t include your work sample in gig image, but only if that makes sense.


I partially agree with you, that it will depend on the type of gig etc. For some gigs the gig image may not be all that important (though it will help to easily find it). For some gigs, the description (and reviews, work examples, credentials etc.) may be a lot more important, especially once the buyer has been to the gig. But for graphics based gigs, especially if they have different styles similar gigs, having a quickly recognisable image can help (eg. to quickly pick the right gig for the style of logo I wanted).

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Yes you are totally right :smiley: It all depends on type of gig and different types of graphic will work better on different types of gigs. But the most important message in this small article Im 100% sure there is no type of gig that it’s main image should be spammed with informations.

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Your example is hilarious!

I’m not sure I agree with this: “If you want to make most out of fiverr, you need to upgrade your main gig image constantly.” Wouldn’t that hurt brand recognition? Sellers might have to change to find one that works, but then stick with it, I say. Worked for me even though my images aren’t that great at all. Of course, I’m not selling graphic skills.


Yes I think you are right. But if it’s not performing good you need to upgrade it. I will edit my topic to highlight it, thank you!

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Gig image is important. So are tags and Gig description. You will not convert 76% your entire time here, and wait until the algorithm messes with your conversions. Oh boy, will that be a shock for you.

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Yea I think i flexed too much with that line :grin: Hilarious.

Thanks a lot ,for this important post.

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I have got something necessary from this post , mate

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Welcome to you in this forum.
Enjoy it. Stay cool & spend time with fiverr

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My pleasure , thanks

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