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Stop Finished Work Appearing As Seller's Examples?


I am a buyer interested in having a seller create a logo for my business.

I do not want the seller to be able to show off the finished logo as an example of their work on their Fiverr profile. The reason for this is I do not want my customers to find out I had my business logo developed on Fiverr.

Is it possible to stop this from happening, or does Fiverr automatically display each finished project as a completed example?




Good news! Fiverr doesn’t do it automatically. When the seller delivers your logo, you will be given an option to approve or deny the seller’s request to add your logo to their Fiverr portfolio. So, you’re covered. :+1:t2:


Thank you very much for the fast reply and confirmation, that is good to know and certainly makes me feel better about using Fiverr in the future.


At the time of accepting delivery you can choose whether your work display or not, in seller’s work samples.