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Stop letting us know you ordered

When you place an order, Fiverr sends us an e-mail letting us know. You don’t have to send us a message about it.

I have been buying on here 5 yrs now and out of respect I always let them know I bought, I have had it sometimes where I have bought a gig and I have had to send receipt to them showing them (the seller). I do it out of respect.

The worst ones are the ones who message you an hour later and ask: "how’s it coming along?"

Yeah, not like I have other orders in my queue or anything, Mr. Egomaniac. :slight_smile:

But no, this was a legit post to buyers. I won’t side track! Sorry.

I dislike the “HURRY UP” notices on my 24 hour sales although they are probably necessary for some sellers.

I don’t mind getting a message because fiverr doesn’t always work as it should. I know it is hard to believe, but Fiverr can be buggy.

Yes I agree with @steveeyes, some of the time notifications dont work on the site, so this comes in handy at times.

@fastcopywriter, yes, but the buyer doesn’t receive an email letting them know that we know :smiley:

That’s why I always send them a message as soon as possible with something like “order received, it’ll be ready in X time”, so the buyer knows that I’m not dead and I’m aware of his/her order.

Reply to @belengarcia: When I buy, I just provide instructions. That should be the only notification the seller needs. Even if Fiverr had a bug and forgot to send a notification, the order would be in the seller’s queue. So it’s impossible to miss. And if the instructions appear invisible, all the seller has to do is talk to his buyer.

I’m just trying to save time. When you wake up at the crack of noon or 3pm and find yourself inundated with messages, it can be annoying.

Reply to @glennskie: That’s not necessary, and most sellers won’t tell you because they don’t want to piss you off.

Look, here’s what happens when I get an order.

  1. Fiverr sends me a notification
  2. The order appears on the queue, so I cannot ignore it.

    The only time an order disappears from a queue is when I deliver, and if you need a modification, you better hit that modification button, otherwise the order won’t reappear on the queue.

    There is nothing I hate more than people sending messages asking for modifications. Or worse, they message before ordering, then they order, and I have to look at our earlier conversation to find instructions. I hate that. It’s a waste of my time.

    Let me put it this way, when you buy from Amazon, do you send them a receipt? Do you write customer service as soon as you order, asking where’s your stuff? Fiverr is easy.

  3. Order
  4. Provide instructions
  5. Wait

    That’s it!

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I understand your point, and if I had the volume of sales that you seem to have, I’d probably see things more like you.

But there’s also the other side of the transaction. If I’m a buyer I don’t know for sure if the seller I’ve chosen is a scammer or not, or if he has a working computer at home, or if he was hospitalized the day before, or if he decided a week ago to leave Fiverr for good.

I only know that I ordered X and that I need it in Y time.

Amazon is a established company that buyers trust. Fiverr is a platform in which sellers are unknown individuals, and, unfortunately, a percentage of them are scammers or just plain irresponsible. So it’s easy to understand that some buyers feel unease when ordering and demand a little more communication.

Reply to @belengarcia: Well, those are valid concerns. One trick you can use is read the date on his reviews, and whether he’s replying. Sellers that reply reviews are obviously very active.

Of course, you gotta do what works for you. I once hired someone who wasted two weeks of my life, and then asked for a cancellation. I also had a similar experience on Elance, except that the woman there wasted 4-weeks and then cancelled.

Reply to @belengarcia: You pretty much nailed it. I think every gig can have their reasons for wanting communication v.s. not wanting. Every gig is unique and different but customers are pretty much in the same boat. I’m a buyer as well and when i place an order and don’t hear something back from the seller (i.e. thank you for your order), I may drop them a quick line to see if all is ok.

It doesn’t bother me honestly. Yesterday I delivered an order for someone who paid for an expedited delivery. A few hours later I decided to ask in the messaging thread if they had any issues with the files, and they told me they never got any notification. There was a weird bug yesterday when I delivered that it didn’t mark it as delivered. Buyer couldn’t see the files (I believe them).

Had I not sent a message, they would have had no idea that I delivered it. So I’d rather have someone confirm it than rely on Fiverr. It’s very buggy when it comes to notifications - more times than not someone will update the order and I get no email or notification icon.

It’s no biggie really. Yes I get what you mean about incessant communication, but I’m more against the time wasting ones that provide limited or no info before ordering or don’t provide the file to transcribe for example. But still it’s all part of customer service, and people have different ways of doing things. There have been bugs with orders not showing up in the past (custom orders). Although that was fixed, who knows when it might happen again. Also some people buy things but don’t go through through the full process so their money sits in limbo and their “orders” (well incomplete orders) don’t show in the queue. That hasn’t really happened recently to me, so fiverr may have done something behind the scenes to prevent it, not sure.

Reply to @steveeyes: In my instructions box, I write something like: “Thank you for your order, if I have any questions I will let you know”. That saves me time.

I can see both sides of this. One thing I would say for @fastcopywriter is that I totally get your point of view and you get a lot of orders that are wham-bammers! Perhaps the way to address the buyers would be to say stop messaging “me” though (instead of us) to let buyers know that not all sellers want to be messaged.

I much prefer that buyers do message me. Even if it’s just to ask a silly question, I realize that some of them have been bitten by ordering from someone who has gone AWOL. I reply politely with a canned response that takes a second. If they keep messaging for no real reason, I’ll get out of it. My gigs are written pretty clearly so it isn’t too often I get someone who misunderstands, but I do get people who don’t read any of it and message me instead. I’d rather answer them than have them order and make me cancel it.

Mutual cancellations are stressful to me, even though they don’t affect you if they go right. So, I’d rather represent myself on the issue of contact rather than have someone else speak on my behalf, and my gig descriptions don’t insist on contact but do encourage it. No offense intended, just adding my thoughts.

A few buyers have contacted me about their order when I haven’t replied back to them, but these are usually ones that don’t message me first.

I use the quick response for when I’m super-busy or just tap out a quick reply if I’m on the go (waiting for them to bring quick response to the app!).

I recently had a buyer order, then I woke up to find three messages like “hope you’re working on this” “i ordered this morning, i hope you’ve started the work” “have you begun the work? It’s very urgent” - the work was supposed to be delivered in 48 hours and he sent me messages at 6am my time!

Tbf though, he left a stella review. I think some buyers are just anxious about losing their money, I think I would be knowing the stories that fly around about spammy sellers etc.

I genuinely believe communication is key to dealing with buyers and requests. It might be a pain but I will always try to acknowledge the order because it takes about 30 seconds to do.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I would love to write “Please don’t message me” in all my gigs, however, that would make me seem unfriendly, which might hurt sales.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: True! I meant changing it to “me” in your post here, but that probably wouldn’t look friendly either. :-D.