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Stop listening to bad advice

I keep seeing the same advice… ‘post on social media, stay online 24/7, send 10 buyer requests, offer unlimited revisions. etc etc…’

I do not believe this is good advice. But I have a question for those following it - do you check the credentials of the person giving advice? Do you look at their fiver profile?

I’ve seen plenty of sellers with 0 sales, or some with average ratings, giving lots of advice and tips here. If they knew what they were doing maybe their sales or ratings would be higher.

Just saying…

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I agree with you. One should judge the person before listening his advices




Maybe I’m not using it correctly but the fiver forum seems to be:

75% ‘I’m new’
10% ‘Help me improve/get a sale.’
5% ‘Help I’m confused how to handle a situation.’
5% Reiteration of bad advice.
4% Incoherent waffle.
Then finally:
1% like you @imagination7413 trying to cut through the myths and debunk the rubbish :laughing:


True! People should understand that it takes hard work to be successful. It doesn’t come magically.


Muting/hiding the “New User Introduction” and “My Fiverr Gigs” categories helps.

Even with those two muted, it’s near impossible to keep up. A year ago, it took about 5 hours to read/skim through a day’s backlog. Now I don’t bother: it’s not worth my time. Honestly, I question why I still bother at all.

The ‘Anchoring Bias’ is real.

Because of this, I try to focus on the actual newcomers, and only if I’m the first-ish reply to their thread.


Let’s break it down.

Social media: Creating “how to” videos on YouTube, sharing on relevant Facebook pages and groups, helping others on LinkedIn, CAN get you sales. The problem is not everyone has the time, inclination, ability, charisma, etc, to do this.

Stay online 24/7: Some buyers like to communicate with the seller before ordering, others are happy to message and wait for a reply. Either way, the seller is not going to wake up in the middle of the night just because someone sent him a message, and keeping your computer on 24/7 is bad for the computer or the smartphone. Devices like people, need to rest.

Send 10 buyer requests: This can work, and with copy and paste you can do this in minutes. The trick is to find the perfect buyer request instead of messaging everyone.

I think some new sellers are trying to get attention, so they share the same advice.

I am surprised how few people talk about gig title, tags, gig image, gig description, gig video, etc. That’s the advice I’m looking for.


BRAVO! :wave:t2: :wave:t2::wave:t2:

About 3 years ago, when I first joined the Fiverr Forum, it was a fun :partying_face: place to take a break from your work. I had many online friends here. However, many of them have left the Forum by choice or because they were banned.

Many of the people who have joined the Forum since then have been of the 99% you cited. I miss the old Fiverr Forum. Many of the Forum members that use to do what @imagination7413 and @lloydsolutions do now for the 99% are gone. :cry:


Ah, muting, the joy of simple pleasures @vickiespencer :slight_smile: Great tip, thanks!

Yes, I see @imagination7413 & @lloydsolutions regularly popping up, it seems like they’re trying to hold back the tide. It’s needed.

The thing that gets me is people both suggesting and actually diligently waiting months and months for a first order, just expecting it will eventually come, seemingly putting all or too many of their eggs (career dreams) into the fiver basket.

The whole ‘keep the faith and best of luck’ advice annoys me (perhaps more than it should). There seems to be a blind expectation/belief/narrative that success will come with just time and the thought of all these freelancers putting in so much time, blindly waiting, potentially missing other opportunities make me sad.

I know fiver is a time game, I’m saying it isn’t just a time game. Think it was one of the ‘tide holders’ above that said if you’re not getting orders after a few months then maybe it’s not worth ordering.

Rant over, enjoy your day!.


I :heartbeat: that…:yum:


Good man! The forum needed this post.

It’s all posturing by individuals at the end of the day. It is human nature for people to want to appear more knowledgeable than they really are… a bit like me writing this very wise response :wink:

As it happens a few days ago I typed “Fiverr” into YouTube - just to see what nonsense is out there in the world. I have never seen so much rubbish posted as fact. It is nearly all unsubstantiated, unattributed truly poor advice - the exact sort of twaddle we see regularly written and repeated ad nauseam in the forum.

I don’t mind people reporting their first sale - they’re elated, good for them. But do I want to know about their fourth sale? No. I don’t mind people asking sensible questions or relaying their own experience - good or bad - to help others. But I do mind people blindly repeating nonsense they’ve seen others write or else they’ve picked up form some “How to make $10,000 a month on Fiverr” tutorial video.

Does it make me lose sleep at night? No. But I do genuinely care because I recognise that some individuals in life are so desperate to earn money to support their family that they will do anything and believe anything to achieve it. And that’s what offends me.

However, at the end of the day the decent sellers will win. Those who don’t have an ability to question and only follow stupid advice will lose.

PS: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: . And yes, I’m being ironic with these. British humour.



I admire anyone with tenacity but blind faith isn’t wise.


I think I agree with you
But for you what advice can you give to us to practice???


Agree with you…


Really! Your Quotes align with similar situations


My top tip is to research: use the search bar at the top of the forum and before you follow the posts advice check the poster is a rated seller on fiver. Would you buy from them? If not then maybe don’t take their advice.

Check out the posts by imagination7413, vickiespencer & english_voice. Their posts/comments (amongst others) were really useful to me. Don’t message them directly asking for tips. That would be annoying :slight_smile: Just read their posts/comments.


This is another good one I frequently share. Same author.

I have 58 forum threads bookmarked on my browser or here, though some I copy/paste more frequently than others.


@imagination7413 agree with you


I was also taught this advices by my trainers to be 24/7 available, offer unlimited revision, offer 10 buyer request each and everyday…!!! Are those really a myth and bad advices? Some people says that being 24/7 available doesnt affect anything. Its that true???


Yes, that is bad advice. Although some buyers indeed look for sellers online to order from, Fiverr is a world market, and there are buyers online 24 hours a day. I get orders when I am sleeping and not online.

No, no, no! There have been sellers on the Forum who had reported that when they offered unlimited revisions, buyers would come back months late and want a revision, and customer service would back them on it.

Also, unlimited revisions often attract buyers that will take your work, and even if it is good, they will keep asking for revisions until you get frustrated and ask to cancel.

I offer 0 revisions. As a new seller, you should limit the number to 2 or 3 and charge for any others.

Each seller is allowed to respond to 10 Buyer Requests a day, and often Buyer requests are often the only place new sellers can get jobs. I know it was for me.

BUT do not make an offer on a Buyer Request you are not qualified to do. Plus, never contact the seller through their inbox. You will get in trouble that way. Also, do not send template responses to a Buyer Request. You must respond to what the buyer wants.

In short, yes, they are.