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Stop listening to bad advice

The ironic part is that some of the “thank you” comments in this thread likely aren’t a result of their posters reading and understanding what OP says. They are just trying to be active on the forum, because it can boost your ranking according to some people.


Sadly the ones that REALLY needs to read them are the ones who are not reading it.
I hope your inbox doesn’t get flooded with messages like “I read your post on the forum, so tell me how I can increase sales” :sweat_smile:

Also @imagination7413, it’s your birthday?
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!! :birthday: :poultry_leg: :cut_of_meat: :champagne: :wine_glass: :cocktail:


Books about freelancing, even online freelancing, are cheaper and more useful. I also think Fiverr’s LEARN has a free course about using Fiverr.


Thank you. What’s your approach to Fiverr?


You are right definitely hard work is required to be successful hence need to ignore if the advise is not good


yes you are right
but these days work is not coming on fiverr


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How do you say promoting gigs on social media is a bad idea. Please see


Applaud the positive effort, I actually thought about doing the same gig, but it kind of goes against the original post narrative… I’m not saying you’re not capable of helping someone improve their gigs, I’m saying you haven’t proven you can yet as your own profile is unrated.

Think it’d take a buyer with a lot of faith in your profile to go for it if that makes sense.

Best of luck with it for sure, some sellers would benefit!


Fiver want you to promote fiver.

Think about how many buyers will buy a gig after seeing an ad or post for an unrated gig from an unknown seller when they’re not specifically looking for you / that service on Facebook at that time.

The chances are tiny. (Being rated changes this)


Yes, fiver does want you to promote on SM. It’s good for their brand.

Yes, if you make sales from new users you bring to fiver then (it’s believed) fiver algo will be more favourable to you.

No, just posting doesn’t help unless you’re rated. It only helps if someone sees the ad and they buy it.

(I’m not saying it never ever ever works, but it won’t move the needle)


Promoting your gig on social media could be a good idea if you’re targeting the right audience. Sharing your gigs with family/friends/or casual followers (that’s the “normal” kind of audience we have on social media) won’t boost your sales.
I believe choosing the right audience is a vital step to make good advertising. You won’t try to sell ice to Eskimos, won’t you? :wink:


I remember a post from some time ago that Fiverr does not allow this.


Yes, as @lloydsolutions said, I am pretty sure Fiverr does not allow this service. I read on the Forum that a seller who tried this had their gig taken down. Fiverr thought it would make sellers who are not competent look better than they are, so they disallowed it.


That’s disappointing if what a seller is offering is not directly related to their ability to speak English (e.g. a graphic design job).

There are a lot of sellers here for whom English is not their first language who could really benefit from a tidy up of their Gig and Profile descriptions to improve their professional image and consequently, their sales. Those people may deliver an outstanding service unrelated to their general command of English.

I’m interested to explore the specific basis (i.e. which term specifically) upon which Fiverr deems such a gig offering as contrary to the Terms, because on my reading, it’s not clearly stipulated that such an offering would be in breach of the Terms.


Well said! @williambryan392


You have a point but the bigger issue is that as a buyer I expect the gig to be representative of the sellers abilities, not just to deliver, but to understand and communicate effectively around my requirements.


I appreciate that point too, but I don’t think that having a few typos necessarily suggests that there will be a communication barrier; it’s simply more professional for advertisements to be communicated without spelling, grammar and typographical errors. Either way, I can acknowledge that there’s pros and cons to permitting it, but ultimately neither one of us will determine what Fiverr includes in its Terms. The question that remains for me is: precisely where in the Terms does it state that a gig cannot be for that purpose? I have read the Terms and I cannot see this clearly specified.


So true! Right on point👍


That’s so true and we need to be aware from those bad advice.


I am new and I have “0” advice to offer. I joined somewhere in April. If any of you are bored, keep reading. As I said before I have no advice to offer.

I joined because 1. COVID lockdown was depressing. 2. Needed more money.

I think, after a couple of months I got a mail saying “Congratulation, you are now a level 1 seller”. I had no idea what that means. Still don’t know it, not interested in knowing it either.

Anyhow, I noticed my own gig(s) on my FB feed as “top rated Fiverr” gigs. I don’t know why they appeared as “top rated” gigs in my own FB feed. Surely I was not going to buy my own gig.!

But I got 5-6 messages every night from potential buyers. I had to respectfully reject most of them after asking a few questions.

However I got some genuine orders too. That was great. Should I thank Fiverr for it. I already paid 20% or so. So it’s probably not necessary. No one cares if you do it.

I live in down under. So when rest of you folks are awake, I am in deep sleep. So my Fiverr response rate is going down all the time. Have a you got any advice to improve my Fiverr response rate?.. I am kidding. :smiley: I am not going to wake up at 3AM to respond to anyone. nor I am going to activate “Sleep” mode. :wink:

Customer is the king (as long as they pay me). But there were two situations where customers “kindly requested” me to “hold on” the delivery. So I obliged. Mistake! (Not really, I made the right decision)
Fiverr slapped me with a late delivery penalty, brought down my 100% on time delivery to 50%.

What did I do? I fought back like a wounded Ox. My clients were furious too. They wrote email after email to Fiverr. At the end Fiverr asked me to suck it up and work hard and pay their 20%.

So I have only one advice to you folks. Suck it up and work hard!. or waste your time “seeking advice”.