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Stop making SLD THAT kinda fun

So I got that lovely “We decided that you’re currently staying at Level Two” mail once more (just leave me alone and do my work?), well, whatever, my stats are all at 100% since like forever and I didn’t need to fear level demotion. Or so I thought. Then I see this when clicking that notification to mark it read and not get on my nerves any further…

:scream_cat: I’m level 1, really, Fiverr? With 100% everything and after the “You’re staying Level 2” mail? I know it’s Halloween month but please keep your creepy-crawlies :bug: :bug: :bug: in check, more delicate natures may get a shock.

Or should I be glad to have been demoted to level1 because many buyers think No. 1 is better than No. 2 anyhow? The colour fits more nicely to the new pro colour too. :thinking:

All-clear, all-clear, my fellow Level 2s, luckily my laptop was not far, I checked, and my level still says 2 on desktop, so (probably :wink: ) no need to run and check and waste time on tickets.
I’ve already cooled down, too, it is/was a bug, obviously, just… why are there so goddamn many of them? Doesn’t someone double-check that things don’t go awry after that double-demotion bug fun one of the past SLDs?

Oh well, maybe it is more fun like this, I can’t decide.


This bug caught me off guard too but it was last month. Fiverr is all about the year-round laughs. :astonished:

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Yep. Every time I check my account on my phone I am Level 1, not 2. I panicked the first time too. Didn’t know what I’ve done. I thought that they might have fixed it since I first saw it 1 or two months ago?

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