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Stop making us wait 14 days to get paid

It is completely wrong that Top Rated Sellers get paid in 7 days and the rest of us have to wait 14 days.

It is financial discrimination, it discourages people from delivering their work on time since they know their payments will be delayed by 14 days.

I can understand each level has unique privileges, but delaying our payments hurts everyone’s finances.

Everyone should get paid in 7 days. Orders are marked as complete in 3 days, so why delay us by 11 days?


Actually it enourage me to deliver my service soon so i can get paid early :smiley:


I’ve never been a TRS, so I’ve always had access to my cleared funds in 14 days. I’m used to it, and have never had any problems. I know it’s a perk at the TRS level, but I don’t feel that I need it in order to operate as a successful Fiverr freelancer.

I’m sorry that your demotion takes you from that 7-day clearance to the 14-day clearance that most of the rest of us have been used to. It’s not a challenge if you challenge yourself to make it work.


That’s how Fiverr works! There is nothing to do about that! :slight_smile: So, it’s better you can deliver your work faster or work harder to earn your TRS level batch soon! :slight_smile:


Just because we’re used to something doesn’t make it right. My brother-in-law is a contractor, he gets paid in 3 to 7 days. Check cashing stores exists because some contractors can’t afford to wait for a check to clear, and would rather get paid immediately.

Lyft lets you withdraw your funds anytime you like as long as you pay $0.50.

Besides, who benefits from a 14 day waiting period? Not buyers, they can do a PayPal chargeback anytime they want.

Top Rated Sellers already get the perks of their own personal section, the pretty golden thing, and the credibility of having been chosen. That’s enough perks as far as I’m concerned, the rest of us deserve to get paid in 7 days just like they do.


And that is what works for his business, and where he works. Fiverr has different payment standards. Some sellers may not like it… but those are still the Fiverr standards.

Patience is a virtue. We all want to get paid sooner than later, but that isn’t always how things work out. So, we work with what we have. And most of Fiverr’s freelancers gain their cleared earnings after 14 days.

I’ll pretend you didn’t say that. My wife, a teacher, gets paid every two weeks (i.e., every 14-15 days). She and I managed out household expenses on that payment calendar.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but yesterday, you were a TRS, enjoying that 7-day funds clearance. Today you are a Level 2 seller who will have to get used to the standard 14-day payment clearance. You’re complaining as if this is an us and them thing – respectfully, it comes across as being extremely entitled. I’m sorry that you lost the 7-day cycle. The 14-day cycle isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. Thousands of Fiverr sellers have been doing just find on the 14-day clearance cycle for years.

It works – and has worked – just fine for us. It’ll work for you as well, so long as you make a few adjustments to accommodate it as long as you are among the realm of below-TRS sellers. Then, when you earn TRS again, you can have the joy of returning to the 7-day cycle.

It’ll be okay. I say this from experience. :wink:


I’ve worked in the real world, we usually get paid biweekly, every other week. Maybe it’s different for teachers?

Doesn’t matter, even if my motives are selfish, everyone would benefit from a 7-day delivery.

Just because you’re used to something doesn’t make it right.

There are amazing sellers who haven’t earned TRS, even when they sell more than me! So why will I have a chance to earn it back?

Fiverr doesn’t care, they have ZERO loyalty towards long time sellers like me.

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I have clients who operate on a 60 day payment basis.
Most agencies operate on an end of month and/or 30 days.
14 days is pretty good from how I see it.
Besides, if you are earning each week then it only makes a difference once.
If I earn $100/week then it makes no difference after the first 2 weeks.

What would loyalty to you look like? Immunity from demotion? Artificially boosted rankings? A free car every year?


The teacher I am married to gets paid bi-weekly. Bi-weekly is roughly 14 days.

And just because you’re not used to it doesn’t mean it must change.

I disagree. But I’m not going to argue with your viewpoint. You are allowed to be distressed over losing your TRS level. I just hope the transition process for you is short. The longer you remain this stressed over it, the harder it will become to accept.

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How about letting you keep your level after you earned it?

“If I earn $100/week then it makes no difference after the first 2 weeks.”

It makes a huge difference when Fiverr is your only source of income and you want to keep your credit card balances low.

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So immunity from demotion?
Don’t you see how bad an idea that would be/has been?
Even when the warning was there for the past two+ months, approx half of level 2 sellers and 25% of TRS could not keep to those stat requirements - can you imagine what those seller stats were before this was announced?

You have my sympathy (like that is worth anything, but still), but it is a one week delay on your money compared to what it was.


No, it’s a great idea. I don’t know how long you’ve been on Fiverr, I’ve been here since 2013. In the good old days, people got demoted for JUSTIFIED REASONS, such as “Order cancelled. Seller failed to deliver on time.” Too many of those justify a demotion.

4.7 does not.

A good tip for being successful as a self-employed freelancer is to have more than one source of income. Right now, you are seeing what happens when you put all your efforts into one source of income, and something “bad” happens to cause an upset in that income.

When you diversify your income, a hit on one of the sources of income won’t hurt as much, because the other sources of income can pick up the slack and continue to provide incomes for you so that you can “keep your credit card balances low”.


i agree with you .only fiver care about level 2 and TRS .not to us

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I agree with you on that - the 4.8 rating does seem high considering getting 14/15 stars on every single order would mean a 4.7.
My suggestion/ideal would be that TRS would be manually demoted as well as promoted, that there would be some consideration given for circumstances. I also think a two-strike system might be fairer, as in if you miss two requirements then it is demotion.


I am a former Level 2 seller that is (still) very successful here on Fiverr. You claim that Fiverr only cares about Level 2 and TRS sellers… I’m a Level 1 seller for the next 30 days. I am (still) a profitable seller. You can bet Fiverr still cares about me and the 20% income I give them.

You are, therefore, 100% incorrect.

Please don’t make blanket statements without thinking about what you’re saying first.


Glad we can agree on something.

By the way, are the PRO sellers under the same standards? Or are they too special to get demoted?

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I believe they are subject to them yes, although a lot of the new ones were not leveled up yet anyway.
I said somewhere else that there are Ambassadors, Super Sellers and even the Fiverr Millionaire lady who were all demoted today. There were no exceptions from what I can see.


private jet and limo


In my mind the changes are a win. There were too many Level 2 and TRS badges for people who HAVE been around for years, but didn’t do as much lately.

Now people will adjust or go do something else. The Sam’s Club near me just closed. My family was a regular shopper there, and now we’ll shop someplace else.

Life is that way… things change and we adjust.

I think the new system is a huge win over time for those of us who continue to push and improve our business. There are now minimum standards for keeping level 2 and TRS, and that makes those levels far more valuable for buyers too.

In many places, if you were a great worker 3 years ago, but you decided now you get to take 3 hour lunches now, they get rid of you. Your history is important, so maybe you get a warning, but after a certain point they are getting rid of you.

As long as they announce the changes in advance, give us some time to adjust, I think this is a great thing. Higher standards will make a stronger marketplace over time.

I’m not a TRS (yet) but I am happy they are setting the standards higher for those who both want to be (me) and those who had it in the past but stopped working for it.

The only thing guaranteed is change. Fiverr is going to change, life will change, any other job/site will change too. (Glad we don’t work at Sears… formerly the world’s largest retailer…)

The two week hold on payments is life. Their system, their rules…