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Stop messaging buyers to buy your services

Im constantly getting buyers messaging me, I GOT 11 TODAY and half of them are copy and pasted because they are like: Hey lisa, or hey sam, my name is Shauna not sam, at least take the time to write out a different message for each person if you are trying to sell your business, but really people need to stop it doesnt get you sales, its gets you reported and its against the TOS. if you have to constantly message buyers, your services are obviously not good enough, improve them and maybe you will see sales. im sorry but it gets annoying after a while and I needed to rant about it lol


Yes, nowadays there is huge flooding in inbox :frowning: most of them are new seller accounts!


Yeah I am getting these, too :frowning: So, they can be reported? I have not done any action, but I just tell them that I am seller, too and that they can just contact customer support if they have questions.

But one thing that started to really tick me off is when one new seller, ordered one of my gigs, even sent in some of my requirements, and then messages that I should give him a typing job -_- I mean, I do the same and this order will definitely warrant a cancellation since I do not want to submit and just get a (-) review for it. I hate cancellations and this was really something that ruined it for me :frowning:

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Thanks, i’m guilty of this
How then o we improve sales?

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After looking at one of your gigs, the things that come to mind:

  1. Be honest, and only offer a service that you can perform well.

  2. Be honest, and don’t steal someone else’s gig description.

  3. Be honest, or nobody will want to help you.


Thats true
Thanks brother
heck your inbox

Sending unsolicited private messages is spam, both on the main site and on the forum.

Read the rules. Learn them. Stop breaking them.


I have a lot to learn

Yes, you do. I tell you that sending unsolicited messages is spam, and yet you message me both on the forum and on the main site?

Reported for spamming and blocked.


I’m in soup :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:
I had messaged you on the main site before seeing this

Only one ethical way to message your clients, is to do followups ( send a message after a long time to your clients asking them if they want to buy from you again of if there is any problem that cause them to not ask again for your Gig; service or goods).

Cold calling or Cold emails are forbidden on Fiverr, you will get banned.

You can do that outside of Fiverr if you find it workable to you, but from my perspective it’s unethical to do that.

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No. Following-up “after a long time” is not ethical. It’s annoying, it’s spam, and it’s off-putting.
As a buyer, I know how to reach my preferred sellers. If I need you, I will contact you.


Everyday I get messages from sellers that offer whiteboard and explainer videos with the same message:

“Sir, me fund out you do not preform gut in Fiverr - my gig order you get afsome video and you bekome suksesful”

I report all of them. :slight_smile:


Yep, this is not cool. The only time it might be OK to do a follow-up is if you’re in active conversation with a buyer and need to confirm they want to go ahead. Other than that, you should wait for a buyer to contact you.


Why it is spam? Dude, someone bought a Gig for like a month ago you check if he is satisfied from your service or you didn’t deliver as he liked that can improve your relationship to your client, if he didn’t reply you uncheck him form your list and move on, that’s how people do business, if you do that kind of three or five follow up emails each month that’s spam.

If this is looks spammy to you, please advise me of an ethical way to keep my clients for a long term.

This is from the ToS - you can interpret it howver you want:
Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent.


I couldn’t agree more! If Buyers are interested they will contact you - the end. Don’t be desperate - it’s off putting and just uncool :raised_hands:


I know why that line is put there on the guidelines list, because Fiverr is a business and its main money stream is people who use their platform, however they don’t want you to have clients outside their platform so they can’t get their commission.

But anyway, to each his own, I will not do that here, for sure as it is stated on those guidelines, no one should do that to keep his reputation clean, and avoid being banned.

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I hate it when sellers want to chit chat on main site. I come to forum for that. I dont like being asked how I’m doing, if I’m satisfied, if I need anything and mostly that tired, “Anxiously awaiting your 5 star review.” Against ToS but sellers do it all rhe time. :disappointed:


It gives me false hope when I receive a message and it ends up being a promo message LOL