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Stop messaging me asking how to use fiverr!

One person here has made more than one account and continues to send me messages asking me how to use fiverr in spite of me telling him over and over that he needs to ask on the forum and not keep asking me.

He then lies to me saying he only has one account.

Stop messaging me. Do you think that I might give in and have a teaching session with you if you keep making new accounts?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out either.

He has also targeted me for ongoing messages about what I’m selling from still other accounts. It gives a bad impression of that country also. I’m hoping this person will learn to conduct himself in a more mature professional adult manner.

This person wants me to tell him all about fiverr in one of his accounts, and
wants me to explain what my gigs are about in one of his other accounts.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn. But please don’t keep asking me to teach you these basic things. I’m here to work. Not teach.


Also I hope adding this rule to the forum:

  • You should having 1 day reading minimum for that you can add new topic.

I may give some people the impression I have nothing better to do than teach someone how to use fiverr because I’m on the forum so much. Teaching someone how to use fiverr in my message inbox isn’t something I’m interested in doing.