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Stop messaging me for advice

Please stop privately messaging sellers for advice on how to make a sale or anything else. It is extremely rude, lazy and entitled and unprofessional.

If you want to improve, do the work. Research. Don’t waste my time. I am not your coach.


Amen to that. I get messages like this all the time too… and I would like them to stop. I will not help new sellers privately, because EVERY new seller who has contacted me privately for “help”, wants me to do the work for them. That’s not going to happen.

If you’re not willing to earn your own success… then you’re not ready to be successful.


It’s so true. And I find they are always amateur in skill, too.

They ask general questions like “Help me get my first sale.” They want me to walk them through the entire process and they don’t want to read. It’s all published info. But they don’t want to do the work to find it. They want me to hand it to them and also give them magical powers to POOF get a sale.

The entitlement and ignorance is appalling. So many sellers are unabashedly lazy and then they wonder why they aren’t selling.


They better be careful who they are sending these pleas for help to. Send to the wrong seller, and they will be reported for spamming, which will end their fledgling Fiverr career in its tracks.



That would require thoughtfulness. Too much work.


People are so entitled about it, too. No “hello”, no “please”, no “thank you”. Just: “I want to sell here, explain everything to me.”

Why would I do that? For free, for someone who’s being rude, unspecific and overall annoying?


That’s what I said to the last seller who did this to me. He didn’t even ask or say please. He just said help me get my first sale.The entitlement! Why do so many sellers feel we owe them something? I don’t get it.

Why do they feel entitled to take up my time and resources and also do so in such a demanding way?


I have 2 quick responses for such cases: “You’ll eventually get reported for spam if you keep doing this” and “My consulting fee is $45/hour. I’ll be happy to assist”. I just alternate between these.

The threat of reporting works better, though.


Thanks! I’ll try that. I think I’d prefer the former. Haha

Also, the sellers who do in this in private messages and in the forum claim they do this because they are new to Fiverr and didn’t know it was rude. That’s right, basic decency is fancy Fiverr etiquette… :joy:


You’ll be missing out on the delicious righteous indignation of: “PAYING YOU FOR YOUR TIME???!!! Why would I do that?!” if you don’t try the consulting fee approach. :slight_smile:


Haha pretty much. I wish I knew why they are so entitled. Like, what on earth causes that?!


You could charge for this. Make a Gig out of it, develop some coaching tools/forms they have to complete and when someone’s PM-ing just point them to the gig :wink:


I think I should make a Gig for that. Would that be compliant with Fiverr TOS?:roll_eyes:


Thanks for the idea! My only reservation is that the people who need it and want it expect it for free. But I could certainly try it!


The biggest issue to this idea, though, is that you’re tapping into a highly volatile market. The newbie sellers who demand the help a gig like this would provide, are also the very same sellers that are very hard to please, and wouldn’t hesitate to leave a negative review when they don’t get exactly what they want. And what they want, is usually always to have someone else do everything for them.

I’ve been encouraged – many times – to start a gig like this, particularly due to my constant forum advice, and my experience as a successful seller. I have not, as yet, not taken up the idea, because I know the market for a gig like this consists of people who don’t understand practicality, aren’t willing to do any work advised for them, and just want the money and success without the process to get there.

It’s also a market that rarely chooses to invest in anything. So, the potential of a long-term service isn’t really there. You’re almost better off targeting a more professional, higher-cost clientelle who actually care about succeeding, and are willing to purchase this kind of assistance. Bottom-of-the-barrel buyers aren’t a very good market, because, more often than not, they’re more trouble then they’re worth.


I think I was more witty than serious, trying to lighten up an annoying situation.
In all seriousness though, I don’t know if this would be a good idea for a gig for the reasons outlined above.
More so than that, whomever is not willing to invest time in self education will not invest time+money in it.


Excellent points. I’d be walking through a land mine and it may not be worth it.


Precisely. …


Just out of curiosity, what value did this post really bring to you, other than calling out that you get many messages from probably not so gifted new sellers and asking for even more attention… If you really don’t want that, why would you post this message?


If people are going to be extremely rude and entitled to me on a routine basis, they need to know it is not okay.

I don’t have to be cordial to people who treat me this way. This isn’t an innocent mistake. It is appalling rudeness.

Your comment makes it seem like I’m knocking people for an innocent mistake. Nothing innocent about this. No idea why you are getting defensive.

I didn’t call anyone out. If people don’t want to see this, then they should stop treating me as a means to an end. I don’t have to take this and I won’t and I’m not going to sugarcoat or pussyfoot around the rudeness and entitlement of this behaviour.