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Stop messaging me for advice

Please feel free to read ToS.

It clearly states that messaging a seller for ANY reason other than to express an interest in their services is considered spam and a breach of ToS.


When I want a tiny bit of help I pay for it. Tiny bits of help is what this site was all about originally - but the key was that people pay for things. It’s, not


Oh I thought you meant you were saying that to the people who contact you as a joke (that it was an actual message you send to each), not that you were just saying it as a joke here on the forum… Again an emoji would have helped so it was obvious. So sorry if you were just joking on the forum. Though without an emoji or something it’s not clear if it’s a joke here etc.

Also you said

To be honest my joke is the perfect response to that particular crowd.

They either get the joke and start focusing on something else or they don’t get it and they start working on that software.

Which made it sound like you had actually sent that as a joke to those people. But sorry since you didn’t actually say that to those people.

I agree, though maybe they could have sort of micro payments (maybe of $1 or $2) for where it’s very short advice like advice about 1 sentence/phrase or something.

I got free help from a wonderful person one time who was glad to assist me with something important. I couldn’t have been helped any other way. It took them five minutes. It all depends on what it is and who is asking. If it’s an established seller with a dire issue that’s different.

It was the time when my withdrawal button wasn’t working. CS couldn’t help me. I found someone who had a similar problem years ago and mentioned it on the forum. I contacted the person and got the answer.

Later someone with that problem, who posts on the forum, had the same problem and asked me about it and I helped them.


This should be put in capital letter on the forum page as a banner! :angry:


I know, right. People always act so surprised. :slight_smile:


I agree (on the main site). While it may be the case on forum too like has been suggested, with the forum rules saying:

Contacting other users, moderators/admins by private message/inbox is not absolutely disallowed, but unless invited it is considered a breach of etiquette to do so. In particular, do not contact other users to ask for sales, mentoring, profile or forum help, etc. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so.

It seems much less about serious (saying things like “recommend” and “may” report you for spam) in the forum rules than in the terms of service (which seems to be mainly about the main site).

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I also got this type of message. It’s really annoying.

Back when I was in high school in the mid 90’s, my art teacher (who was, understandably not a computer pro, since she was in her 70’s at the time), taught us how to “use” Paint to create digital art. We had an entire section of the year dedicated to it too, in fact. At the time, she considered that cutting-edge digital art.

Point of fact, Photoshop was first released in 1990, so, I suppose it makes sense that we weren’t taught digital art using that at the time. It was incredibly new as a software program.

Still, If you’re willing to dedicate lots of time to it, you can create some great art using the program. These days, though, I’ll just draw and create in Photoshop. Considering how many things PS can do, I can’t even imagine drawing in Paint anymore. :slight_smile:

I should probably add that doing that picture was the last time I did anything remotely like artwork.

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I remember that post and thought that I posted to it. Oh well, I’m using Paint on and off in addition to Sketchbook. Here’s the last elaborate piece I did using Paint.


Wow, that was a veeeeeeeeeeery long thread to read through!

I think I wrote this somewhere, but I have indeed given some advice to people who have messaged me, and the reason I did so was that he/she was very polite, they made it clear that they have read the TOS, read through a lot of the comments on the forum, and when I went to check their gigs it was very clear that they had spent a long time setting them up.
They just needed a bit more ( and a specific) advice from someone who was selling similar gigs.

I have to say though, I’ve helped only 3 or so people like that.
The rest was all “Hi, give me work.”

Funny thing is, a lot of them said “I read your how-to-get-sales post on the forum, so how do I get sales?”
Uh, if you have read the post, you should know what to do. Seriously…


You honestly don’t know how often I get that. So annoying.

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It really is! I hope this was a cathartic read for you.

Yes, @zeus777 it’s a huge thread! Like you, I don’t get those emails looking for genuine, not-available-elsewhere niche insights. It’s literally just “Get me sales.” UGH They want you to wave your magic want and plunk sales in their lap.


OH, but we all need to believe in magic!


I want to put this everywhere! Can you animate into a GIF and then give us a link? LOL


And that’s the core of the issue… They don’t want advice, they want others to do their work.

How many times any of us have spent time checking on their gigs and profiles, pointing out mistakes, advising and explaining what/where/how to improve, and they will symply do nothing?

Their only goal is to be given work, not to work for getting work. The word “effort” seems to not exist in their dictionary.

Forum is flooded of posts asking for tricks, gaming the system, and getting orders in a blink of an eye even with copied gigs and profiles, poor or fake images, without them having skills for the offered services, and so much more…

I have thrown the towel, honestly. I’m tired, as so many of us, of helping people just to see it was a big waste of time…

If the purpose is making people feel pity because of them coming from a poor country, I’ll just say that that’s no excuse. There are many sellers on this forum from their countries doing great!

And by the way, I don’t feel guilty pressing the spam flag and reporting them at once. Rules are written, users are aware of their existance and they all should have read them when joining Fiverr. So, if they haven’t, they will read them. And/or if they don’t mind them, well… they’ll start to mind.


Awwe, sadly, I don’t do animation. Now, if I can only find someone who can do it for $5… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


This, sadly, is how I feel most of the time when I come to the forum these days. I find that I’m much more selfish on the forums now, and gravitate toward posts that I’m interested in, and share far less advice and tips than I feel I could.

Like you, I find that 9 times out of 10, people don’t want to hear honesty. They don’t want to hear what’s actually involved in making a successful Fiverr business. They want someone to take pity on them and give them work, or they want someone to say “GUYS, I’VE FIGURED IT OUT, IT TURNS OUT THAT FAVOURITES ARE THE TOP SECRET TIP TO RANKING YOUR GIG!!!” so that they can all rush out and start swapping Gig Favourites.