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Stop Overthinking, Over Analyzing

Nobody knows how the Fiverr algorithm works, now that it has become random, don’t even think about it. Some people were critical of my statement -“When you get orders, do them; when you don’t get orders, do something else.”

Really, that’s the truth. You can only do your best with the orders you’ve got, you can’t keep worrying about what’s not in your control. Always look to do something, stay busy, but quit worrying. I know you have bills to pay, but worrying will only make it worse.

Focus on the NOW, focus on the TODAY. What can you do right now? What can you do today? Forget the past, don’t even think about the future. Live for today, live for the next 12-16 hours you’re going to be awake.

If you get orders in these hours, do them. If not, do something else. I can’t tell you what else you can do, you have to figure that out for yourself. Worrying or fretting is no substitute for action. Stay calm, and take positive action. All the best.

[ You have to get rid of the fear. Fight, fight hard, but let go of the fear. The day you shake off fear and become absolutely fearless, you will become unbeatable. Accept things as they are, and not how you wish they were. Don’t beat yourself for mistakes made in the past, don’t get depressed if the past was much better than the present - move on - always have one thing on your mind - What Next? What do I do NOW?]


Thank you @writer99025

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Rightly said. But I’m afraid, not many will understand or will misunderstand. It requires a whole new perspective of looking at life. :smile:


It does require a different perspective. It is also really, really difficult for people see from a perspective of “stay busy” and “quit worrying” to actually do this when they are literally trying to do more than pay a TV bill or car payment. When they are in trouble to the point that they can’t put enough food on the table for everyone in the family to sleep without hunger, it’s very hard to just put on a positive outlook and stay busy. It isn’t as difficult for someone for only does Fiverr to earn extra money, to save, to invest, as a hobby or for fun.

Even so, I think that one critical issue to keep in mind is that Writer’s encouragement to think “What do I do NOW?” is vital if you are that far in the hole. The answer most likely means that you’ll have to do more than just freelancing to keep the lights on or feed the family. It doesn’t mean you have to quit Fiverr. You can keep freelancing too, but do anything it takes on the side to make some actual cash. If Fiverr isn’t going perfect for you and you don’t have a ton of savings, take any offer for a part-tme or full-time job even if it’s temporary. Otherwise, I do agree that worrying about algorithms doesn’t solve much.


I’ve been in truly desperate times in my life, but have come out of it. It’s not like things are easy for me. I have made changes to my life and my thinking which has made things easy for me. Desperation is not just about not having money - it can take many forms, humiliation, failure, loss of status, fear of being judged, dread of a bleak future, of being seen as worthless, looked down upon, loneliness, etc. I don’t let that affect me.


True talk there. There is’nt really any benefit coming from worrying. Am a new seller, and i am going to be putting every advice i get from this forum into practice.

Depends a bit on the person, for me personally over analyzing is usually the thing that keeps me from worrying as it usually leads to either a solution, a new project or a new idea to develop.


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Not worrying about not having food to feed your family doesn’t make your family not die of starvation.

This is exactly what everyone should be thinking about.

Yes, you are right. Fiverr already killed lots of experienced sellers. Now it gave us lots of time for promotion rather than selling services.

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You’re right bro thank you

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In some ways I agree with you, in others I don’t.

It has always been my approach to not rest on my laurels when I get orders. I am in the middle of my busiest month so far and yet I added a new service last week, have plans for another new service and have a variety of things I need to order from people for off-fiverr projects when I get the time.

The dramatic drop in sales back in April/May for many established sellers has made me see that I need to keep developing and evolving my services and not sit still and just do orders when I get them. I have moved from a mentality of “I must get my gig on the first page by trying lots of things” to I need to tweak my services to make them more appealing. It seems that as soon as a gig becomes popular, there are 100 new sellers ready to copy it (sometimes literally) and force the price down and saturate the market. Am I worried or overthinking? Perhaps, but who decides how much thinking is too much? Thinking about various scenarios, client needs, potential new services etc keeps me on my toes and ensures that I am constantly busy.

Recently, I have been so busy that I am putting in similar long hours to you which I don’t usually do. My new services have been so popular that I have actually paused my best selling translation gig. That service is the one that has kept me busiest from the start on Fiverr but it is my lowest per hour earner. I may activate it again when things slow down, as they inevitably will at some point, but by that stage, I should have some other services that I have been working on for both regular clients and new clients to kick things off again.

I agree with your summation and would add that it should not just be applied when you are not busy, it should be a constant and regularly considered approach regardless of orders in queue. I can testify to the fact that it works though:


I agree with you completely. I was just sensing that a lot of people here, including the regulars were depressed and wanted to help out in my way. Personally, the only reason I don’t try out new things is because I work 12-14 hours a day. I had plans of starting new gigs and trying out new things a couple of months back, but I got very busy. If I was to find time, I wouldn’t just sit around waiting for orders, I would try out different things just like you. 2017 is turning out to be my best year as yet, and I can’t explain it as I am nowhere in the search results. That’s why I said don’t over think, don’t over analyze and just do your stuff.


Great thoughts @fonthaunt, @writer99025.

It’s fascinating how perspective moulds ones believes and actions and the effect they know on lives over a long period. You know what? Tell people “Be in the moment”, “Live below your means”, “Slow and steady wins the race” - many cannot understand them. I mean they understand yet cannot grasp the essence of those words.

Treadmill mindset - I knew very few people who could overcome it.

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That’s a great phrase.

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Just what I needed to get going. Thank you.
Sometimes it gets so easy just to make excuses and not actually do anything about it. Being weak is a choice that should not be made.

You said right we gave a lot of time for that issue

The OP makes some good points but what may be ones cup of tea, may be a bitter drink for others. My philosophy is do what works for you. If coming to the forum and expressing your concerns (wording here can vary depending on your view) helps you get through tough times, than do it. Even Fiverr thought there was some value in expressing your concerns – hence – Ranting Forum. So whatever your passion may be or whatever word you want to use to describe that passion, I say go for it, as long as you are not hurting others.

As a side note: no one knows Google’s algorithm either but that sure hasn’t stopped the SEO gigs :slight_smile:


“Nobody” and “no one” though is not quite true, neither in Fiverr’s nor Google’s case. But let´s not go there and let those who want to overthink and analyze do that and those who don´t, overthink and analyze other things more to their liking; this kind of thread makes the forum more interesting, either way, at least for me, reading posts like this by fellow sellers (even more so of those one got to know a bit over time) beats the simple Q and A threads anytime, useful as those may be to the ones doing the Q. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your post.

Well said!

I’m probably one of those who values ‘thought’… and so much that I fiercely resisted societal pressure to send me into cubicle/desk jobs. One of the reasons I took up freelancing (and would ultimately want to become a Webmaster and Investor) is the for the quiet me time they offer - wouldn’t trade a trillion dollars for it.

Yet, I think @writer99025 post is not aimed at those who cherish thought and analysis but at those who use them as a strategy to cope up with their miseries.

Know what? It’s not a viable strategy. Once you choose overthinking over action - it sure offers a brief respite and escape from problems in a guise that you are actually doing something to solve your problems - it is wholly possible that you’ll keep thinking with whatsoever no positive outcome at all! Been there. Done that. Got the 'How to Stop Worrying… ’ T-Shirt.

Simple litmus test to differentiate the two groups is to ask: Would you keep overthinking in the best of your times too? Answer form the later group would be an unanimous no.

Now, it’s difficult to ask people to simply not overthink or overanalyze - rather it could be channelized by asking: If you are going to overthink anyway, why not first act and then overthink on the consequences of your actions? :smile:

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