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Stop promoting your gig via inbox

Hi there!
In the last few weeks, just after receiving my level 2 badge, I start having a lot of spam from sellers in my inbox with messages like “Buy the gig, help me be like you” or “Look what offer I do have” etc.
Just stop doing it, it is not a good way to promote your service and you gonna get blocked, and I suggest everyone to mark this messages as spam.
I know it’s not easy to get your very first sale, but everyone was there, I had for example my first sale just after 2 weeks of sending daily 10 offers a day in the buyer requests section (and I still do it), it is not easy, but have some respect for the others. You want sale?

  1. Send offers in the special section for that (buyer requests)
  2. Drop your prices, because it’s really crazy to see a seller without revies having the same prices as a Top Rated Seller with hundreds (or thousands) reviews.
  3. Buy Facebook or Twitter Promotion with some specific keywords
  4. Don’t copy paste other gigs and proofread everything (there are specific tools or gigs for that)
    While I’m having 5 orders to do and potential buyers to respond to, I’m really not willing to answer some spam, so I get angry and block you, after that you risk to lose your account, is it worthy?



thanks,try to again heart and soul.of course you will be successfully.

What an insightful write up


Thank you!

Why would people contact you just because you have level two status? I’ve been level two for the past 4 years - 256 positive reviews and I’ve never had anyone says “how do I be like you”. A top level seller I would understand but it’s incredulous that they’re treating you like a king because of level two.

I would love for this to stop. Every time I see a message in my inbox I get excited thinking its an order but upon reaching the inbox I discover its another seller advertising their services. Its bad enough encountering spam in BR, in wrong places on the forum and now in our inbox.

Yes! This is so true!

I’m a new buyer. The single most frequent reason I am turning people down and favouring others is poor grammar and spelling. If you are supposed to be an English speaker and offering services in English and then have serious faults in your message and gig, why would I choose you?

I’ve been getting these alot it’s pretty irritating

You are right. Really spamming is not a grate way for promoting myself. Your idea is nice. I agree with you.

Yes totally agree with you. I always try to send message to my previous buyer about my new gig.thats it.

I totally agree with you and I have no idea why they contact me, basically these are the messages that I receive.
I’m no trying to be a Queen or something it was just an example of what I receive in my inbox

That is a good idea, but don’t abuse it too much and keep being friendly.
Good luck!

Same here. I love talking to my buyers about everything and I always try to find time for them, because I am building a strong business relation, but when I receive such spam, I mark it as spam, and that’s it.
Good luck to you!!

I totally agree with you, as I am not only a seller but as well a buyer, sometimes it is even hard to understand what the gig is about.
Enjoy the Fiverr experience!

As a new comer to the fiverr,these are very essential tips for me.I am trying to my level best to get my fist order.Here these tips will also help me.Thank You.

Gotta agree with you. Spamming someones inbox is a first way ticket to getting Reported. Then, you won’t be making any money with a banned account. Just use the buyer requests and learn to promote yourself outside of Fiverr. Also, it’s annoying when new sellers also inbox you for advice. That’s what the forums are for. Don’t bother a seller with messages when their inbox is made for the client. People would be more then willing to give out advice here anyways.

Thanks Sister

Yes I agree with you.