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Stop Receiving Orders due to unknown reasons

I was receiving 3-4 orders a week in last month but suddenly I stop receiving orders and my GIG which reached to 14K impression fall down to 4.9K impressions in just 3 weeks. Help Me out I am getting worried about my Earning. Only Order completion rate is 86% rest are above 90.

Thank You in advance to help me out.

Have you taken the time to market and promote your gigs to the target customers who need your services? How do you expect people to find you gig if you don’t tell them where to look?


That’s happened to me. My impression goes down to 200K+ to 120k+

Perhaps you did not read my last comment. Look up. Read. That might provide the answer you’re looking for.

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Ebb & Flow that’s how it works.


jonbass sir i sometime share my gig on socail forums like linkedin, google+, but I dont know how to target the specific customer. Can you help me with this? in 3 weeks of june my GIG was on first page when you searched wordpress website but now it is not even in first 20. and I think this is the reason why I stopped getting orders.

Unfortunately, no, I cannot. You need to do your research to understand your target customers. I have no idea what specific market group or customers you are targeting. YOU are the person running your freelance business. YOU need to know these things. And they can only be learned by determining who you are selling to, and what their exact needs may be. YOU are the person seeking to fulfill those needs.

That may be part of it, yes, but the more likely result is that the people who need your services, don’t know you exist. You have to get out there and connect to them. You can share the link to your gig with those target customers (through ads, and other targeted marketing efforts), and then they will know where to find you and hire you.

You are a freelancer. Freelancing is about DOING, not sitting back and hoping people find you. You’re the guy that needs to build your business… so get busy building, connecting, and growing your services. Reach out. Get it done.


I think that this post will help you out most. You never want to be at the mercy of algorithms.

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Okay Thank You both of you For your time and proper Response. Great Fiverr Community.
Wish You best luck with your career and freelance work.