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Stop Restricting sellers For Buyers Fault

When a customer requests services that are against TOS and you decline, the support team removes your gigs and restrict your account. You need to carefully evaluate your customers before imposing hefty consequences to sellers


Yes it’s weird to me that we are penalized for refusing to break the ToS or do things that aren’t appropriate…


Could you explain this further? Aren’t we free to choose the projects we work on? From time to time I blocked a potential client if he got rude or if I felt like red flags are rising, but never got restricted as I know.

They’re talking about having ratings lowered for non completion of an order, not saying you’re forced to do an order.

Blocking a client wouldn’t affect this if you didn’t have an open order with them…

For example, a client requests a service that is related to your gig but the client request is against the TOS. When you request them to cancel their order the support limits your account and removes your gig. I experience this especially when a customer places an order before communicating with me.

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@pro_writer_alex, very nice and lovely,
I think :thinking: most newcomers are not that experienced to that level of customer evaluation. And also they are fear-conscious to their feedbacks.

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Its dangerous. :astonished: