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Stop showing orders that never started as active orders


It is not an “active order” if it never started.

I have one order right now, but it shows 17 “active orders” which are also counted in my upcoming earnings for some strange reason.

Those buyers are never going to start those orders. They are not active.
They are inactive. They don’t become active unless they start.


Me too, have one order sits there since September.


So strange! will this affect your response rate ?


This drives me crazy. We can’t cancel these orders or else it hurts our cancellation stats. It makes us ineligible for the available now feature, which could be a great way to get new sales when things are slow. I sometimes wonder if having a lot of active orders hurts in the search algorithm. Orders that were never started because the buyer failed to give the info should be called something like “pending” or “potential”.

I agree with you that there is nothing active about them.


FYI, since a couple of days the “delivered” orders are now counted as Active, too, along with the incomplete :man_facepalming: until 2 days ago, they weren’t counted as active, at least not in my case.

So if you have no more orders, but have recently delivered 5 orders, you cannot use Available Now anymore.

I currently have no orders and thus I’m available and ready for more, but I can’t use AN because I have 11 delivered orders - how can a delivered order be considered active? :expressionless:

And the A.N. FAQ page says “You must have less than five orders in queue.” - nothing about delivered orders, which are not part of the queue…



I have 231, if only 40-50 will ask for a refund, I think it will seriously affect my GIG and Order Completion Rate.