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Stop Spamming guys!


There are many authentic ways to promote your services on the internet. I can see people just copy pasting their profile links everywhere. Check the official fiverr twitter account, you can see random links in comments and same on other social media sites.
If you want to promote your gigs try to create an interesting content around it. You should be using your social accounts as your brand. If your every single post or comment is some link to your profile no one will take it seriously.



Many BIG websites got fed up with the spammage and blacklisted Fiverr. Every single post had a link to their gigs, I mean who wants to look at nasty spammage all day and every day? It’s a turn-off and a surefire way to get ignored, blocked & reported.

Besides, it comes across as being desperate! :pineapple:


Great point form both of you @danigraph @nikavoice everyone on forum is trying to know how market our gigs and they got answer share your gigs on social media…i think you explain them how to share your gigs on social media without being ignored or blocked…


That’s because is IS desperate. :wink:

Desperation does not lead to success. Targeted, effective, pro-customer actions do.


The perfect :tshirt:T-SHIRT slogan. :wink:

Mr. Brandman. :stuck_out_tongue:


You probably haven’t seen people attach their links to fake news. Like “The president of _____ just commissioned a 120km under-water, automated road that works with induced hydroelectric power. Click here to read full news”. Then baaam! you’re in fiverr :roll_eyes:


I create my blog and add my Fiverr link there.


Spam is not a solution to increase orders. But their despair.
Focus on the best work and honest buyers will come to you.
Focus on working as well as possible bro.:mengedipkan:


yes that’s good for your id on logo


I can’t stop laughing
This is so…