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Stop spamming on Twitter. COVID-19 is Not a Spam Opportunity

Hundreds, if not thousands. of Fiverr users spam conversations on Twitter every day.

But lately I’ve been noticing another disturbing trend: Fiverr sellers spamming threads about COVID. I’ve seen it on Tweets people post sharing that their loved one has died. Then a Fiverr Seller responds with their link and a call to buy their gig.

Just stop. I understand that spammers are shameless, but honestly, you’re embarrassing the entire Fiverr community. Show some respect.

Does this mean that Fiverr Sellers are targeting COVID conversations specifically to spam with their bots? I don’t know, but it’s disgusting either way.

Stop spamming on Twitter and don’t hire a bot to spam for you!!!

It’s so rude and disrespectful and I promise you that it doesn’t get you work. It will also get you banned from Twitter for breaching their ToS.


Hi, Human - haven’t seen you for a while. Glad to know you’re ok.

Agreed. Some of these Fiverr spammers are shameless … and not just on twitter.


Aw thanks for the kind words! That’s so sweet. Yeah I’m good. I just have neck issues so I have to ration how and when I use the web.

Yes, they’re shameless everywhere totally. I suspect they’re attracted to Twitter because it’s so easy to discover posts and respond to them.


Ditto - but shoulder. Moving things around a pixel at a time will do that. Hope you feel better soon.


I was just going to say the exact same thing! :smiley:

Happy to see you’re doing fine, Human! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please, stay safe! And you too, Coerdelion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, Human. It is quiet when you’re not around. Aside from the neck issue, I hope you and yours are doing well. :slight_smile:

I remember seeing Fiverr users spam news articles during the London terrorist attack last year. It doesn’t surprise me to hear some are also spamming during the Covid-19 crisis. :confused:


That is so, so kind. Thank you, Maita! Lovely to see you again. Stay well, all of you!


Thanks so much! We’re doing well. Fortunately COVID isn’t affecting my life in any way.

I didn’t know that about the terrorist attack. Wow. While I like to combat spam where I can, I see that there’s no reasoning with people who act like this. Ugh.


Oh, sorry, I didn’t see this message. Sorry about your shoulder!

By the way, I love your avatar! Great reminder to stay safe.


Lol! Wearing the mask because I’m not sure everyone observes the social distancing rules here … :wink:


Damn, the meksells are always irritating, but that’s a new low.


Well said. They’ve clearly searching COVID-related search terms and then spamming the people who use them. That’s heinous and makes no sense at all.


Have you gotten the spam messages from people wanting you to create a bogus account for them, on Upwork? That sounds like trouble. If you report a spammer- and they keep spamming. I guess they just keep coming back and pestering new people. I did not join Fiverr to get spammed- at least hope they don’t get personnel information.