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Stop spamming the buyer requests

I am writing this out of frustration. I do not know what the intention of the sellers are they are mostly new sellers without sales so desperate for jobs. Rather than improving your own gigs and marketing the they send them out as buyer requests.

I MEAN WHAT IS THE POINT??? When I go to buyer requests all the top new 7-8 requests are “Hi are you looking for a good content writer…” “Hi I will give you this…”

You can simply market your gigs in the forum “My gigs” or use some other marketing please leave buyer requests to be used for buyers and us sellers to send requests for Job.

So if you are a seller, especially a new seller with no jobs STOP! sending buyer requests marketing your gigs!!

Can someone please tell me why people do this? What they gain by doing so?

I personally believe Fiverr has to do something about this. With this kind of spammers the quality of the community is decreasing and the outcome will be bad.

Totally agree. I can hardly find any actual buyer requests.

I agree. Most of the sellers are doing this to promote their gigs even after knowing that this is the section where all buyers will post their requests. But they don’t know it’s meaning less because buyers will not visit that section (not even once a day at all). So, don’t spam and waste time there. Instead you can promote your Gigs in “My Gigs” section under forum and promote on social media sites.

I don’t think those sellers should be blamed here, most of these sellers advertising their services on Buyer Request are new sellers who don’t fully understand how the system works…

This is entirely Fiverr’s fault, I don’t understand why they can’t build a strong system that can take care of this on autopilot and the saddest part is that this issue has been discussed here on the forum without counts.