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Stop The Mistakes!


There should be a confirmation box when someone clicks “Order Now”. There’s one for repeat buyers, but there should be one for all new orders as well. I hate when people accidentally order a gig. I’ve done that once, but that’s only because I was on fiverr from my mobile phone, and hit “enter”.

Speaking of mobile, please make fiverr mobile optimized, I spend at least 75% of my time on fiverr via my phone.


Agree. I also posted a few days before that either make android/apple/blackberry based app or mobile optimized site


Yeah that would be really good. I can’t believe they haven’t made one by now.

musiclover said: Speaking of mobile, please make fiverr mobile optimized, I spend at least 75% of my time on fiverr via my phone.

Yeah, agreed. I requested that a few weeks ago on this forum.


Reply to @musiclover: I saw on your Fiverr profile that you are a web designer. Me too. Maybe Fiverr should get into responsive design, huh?


Most definitely! It would make it so much easier. I have no idea what is taking them so long. If they would use php to capture browsers/devices information, they could see how many users visit from mobile devices and realize the value in mobile optimizing their site.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Yeah it sucks when it happens. Then you gotta ask the seller to cancel it, and I’m sure they hate it.


I would much rather help someone cancel than put another step in front of the order process.

“Confirming” sounds like “Think about it some more” …not something as a sales person I want.


True, but even though mutual cancellations doesn’t effect feedback rating but too many of them doesn’t look good to fiverr.


ya their should be confirmation prompt i just clicked order now button while i was trying to click contact_seller and 5$ deducted away directly from my revenues…

So i feel a their is a strong need of confirmation before any order gets placed.


Reply to @mukeshranahhh: I don’t know why the “contact seller” link is so close to the “order now” button. That’s nuts.


Reply to @bachas85: Yeah that is the best thing to do.


I think a confirmation button makes sense. It would decrease the amount of customer service tickets they get due to mistaken orders.

A responsive mobile design would be awesome! Or a very functional app. I am often on my iphone when I'm out and checking Fiverr to see if I've gotten any gig orders.


I’ve been a victim of accidental ordering too. I tried to cancel it, but by the time I submitted the request the seller already had delivered. I withdrew the cancellation then knowing that it would not be professional to go ahead with the cancellation. So yes, a confirmation would be a good idea.


Reply to @asprin: why didn’t you contact the seller as soon as you accidentally ordered?


Because he only realised his mistake when he say “your order was successfully delivered!”


I just got another accidental order. Ugh! Smh so annoying.


Reply to @musiclover: That’s because the delivery was made within 2-3 minutes of me hitting the order button. The product was a PDF, so all the seller had to do was attach it on the order page.


Reply to @asprin: oh that sucks.