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Stop Top Buyer Status

I know this a slightly weird question.

I’m a Fiverr seller who wants to purchase a video for my gig that’s over $100. But I don’t want to achieve Top Buyer status. Personally, whenever I see a gig that has this badge, I feel a bit wary that they’re outsourcing their work to other sellers (just my opinion!)

Is it possible to hide this badge from your profile?


Gig’s don’t have the top buyer badge. Maybe you mean the top rated seller badge. The top buyer badge will only show when you contact a seller (eg. in their inbox/orders page etc.) if you spend enough to get that badge.

Is it possible to hide this badge from your profile?

Not as far as I know. You can not review the gig if you don’t want the seller to put their review on your profile.

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Yep, that’s what I meant; top buyer status in inbox/messages

You could contact CS and ask if they could make it not display that badge, just in case they can. Really they should give an option since buyers should have control over whether someone sees that since it’s related to how much they spend.