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Stop using your kids to make money


What is this? I posted a request for holding a sign by a model and got like 3 offers of people offering their kids to hold my sign.

"This Site is offered and available to users who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 you may not use this Site or the Fiverr services. "

Fiverr tos is not so clear about making kids work, this needs to be fixed.


I completely agree with you on this. :raised_hands:
I don’t think that’s what “outsourcing” really means. It’s not like the kids have a choice to say no. Right?

Let kids be kids. :heart:

There are also creepy people in the world, and with Fiverrs anonyminity I wouldn’t feel comfortable publicizing my children like that. Even as an adult worker here, when people message me asking to write and describe my own feet I am uncomfortable. :joy:


Totally Agreed…:blush:


I think we found Bigfoot… he is hiding in Germany, someone needs to send an expedition, quick! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This picture will haunt me for the rest of my days…


why quote just and? :smiling_imp:


That’s disgusting and not just the gesture, the foot itself.

I don’t think a kid holding a sign is too bad. After all kids are in movies, tv, and model all the time.


Agree with you, maybe the kids enjoy it and have fun with it


That´s creepy and innapropriate (I mean those people).

I personally think people like that deserve to get that picture that @wuerz123 posted :joy:

But that´s just my opinion. :slight_smile:


I kind of agree with this. I mean, probably the kids enjoy it, they think it´s some kind of a game or something.

But if I should disagree it´s more of depends on the signs (what picture or words on it - is it offensive?), not the activity of holding a sign itself.


But I personally know some kids under 13 they work hotel cleaning section for school fee and daily meal.

We cannot blame anybody because we don’t know the truth behind that smile


That breaks my heart.

Edited: Where are the parents? Why do the parents let the kid work clean up hotel for school fee and daily meal? But then, maybe the kid is an orphan, or the father has passed away and the mother is sick at home. We don´t know. Everyone has their own battle. I just feel sorry for any kid that has to work so hard like that.


That’s truly heartbreaking.

I send my love although that’s the least that can help.


Yes! I really liked the point @misscrystal said about children actors. It makes more sense after she said that. Haha so I suppose as long as it’s nothing crazy.

I completely agree that it depends on what the child is doing or what the sign says that defines the difference between “good” and “bad”.


Yes most of then orphan also family problem.“Be kind to one another” that’s all we need


It has been well documented that young “stars” end up destroyed by fame. Kids should not be used as a source of revenue in any way.
In one of these videos kids don’t know what is going on, they seem lost and obviously not enjoying anything.
Can’t believe people supporting child exploitation. :angry:
If you are the parent it is your responsibility to provide everything for your child. Smh


Just write big, hairy with 6 toes each.


If the parent won’t protect his children, their children cannot protect themselves.


I agree, in an ideal world it should be like that, but sadly reality speaks differently. People have kids for different reasons. Some people have kids for the right reasons, some for the wrong reasons, some just don´t have any idea why they have kids at first place. I feel sorry for all kids that have bad parents.


When it comes to to THAT, then I am completely on your side. That’s why I said it depends on what and how the child is involved. If the child is clearly not enjoying it, or they are forced into it. Then no… I really don’t think Fiverr should allow it at all anyways solely on the fact that they have no way of checking or verifying that the child actually knows what’s going on. So no I still completely agree with you that children on Fiverr shouldn’t be exploited, however I do also understand the other points of view stated as well. :slight_smile: