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Stop wasting your time with arbitrage

Recently i have been facing a lot of so called “clients” who are working as an arbitrage.

These people will do not send you anything on time, as they have to send your message to their clients and need to wait for their assurance. Most of them do not have a single idea about what the work really about, specially if it is about wordpress customization or php programming.

We here in fiverr want to work with real clients, who care for their website and appreciate work hard work. If you ask me, i do not want to work for arbitrages who are just here for the money and always trying hard to find someone who is eager to work for a dirt cheap like a donkey.

Do not, i repeat do not work with a client who you think is working for someone else. No matter how much you try, you will occur late and at the end, your client will not even care to show appreciation for your work.

While taking WP customization order or design order do try to find out if he is doing it for himself or for his off shore clients.

best of luck everyone.



I understand what you are saying and can see the difficulties in working with resellers. (I think arbitrage is a word for what they are doing, not the persons doing it, but I’m not positive.) If you don’t want to work with them, I would suggest actually putting it in your gig description if you haven’t already. That way you’ll have something to back you up in your “contract” with a buyer if you need to cancel.

I’m going to take another point of view as a seller and mention it as my own tip. I would not personally turn down an order only because it’s being resold. Most of my buyers are in business themselves and they come to Fiverr to get things cheap. Some use my work themselves and some resell it. If I turned people down for doing that I probably wouldn’t have enough buyers to make the income I want here.

So, my own tip to other sellers would be to accept good buyers no matter what they do with the work. If a buyer is rude, abusive, or wants more work that it’s worth for the price, then cancel. If they need extended deadlines to ask their clients questions, use custom quotes instead of your regular gig so you can make the deadline long enough for them. Just another viewpoint. Happy selling!

Fiverr has become a huge market for outsourcing to those who work cheap. But the way I see it, they are giving you the work. I know we’d all like to cut out the middle man and get the bigger price, but it isn’t always easy to do that.

There are still clients who provided good payment for work. But the resellers, they are just here to find someone who will do things really really cheap.

Well i had a really bad experience with the resellers and thought people would love to know.

Some people introduced fiverr as a market for cheap market, but i believe that it is still a good market and it is definitely for freelancers, not for resellers trying to earn some quick buck.

Thanks for the tips fonthaunt. Appreciate it a lot.

Reply to @uiwebdesignjess: No problem. I agree that it’s good for people to hear every opinion and if you had bad experiences, sellers need to hear that so they can avoid pitfalls. I’m glad you posted about it.

You are absolutely right that buyers are here looking for really cheap stuff. They either can’t afford more or they want a bargain. Go ahead and sell them a $5 service on their first purchase, but make it something you can finish doing in 15 minutes. If they come to trust you, some will be back to spend more money on a bigger set of services. Even if they are re-selling it doesn’t matter because you set the price point where it makes sense for you.

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Yeah you are right…

Recently I also face a worst buyer in my whole time…

I think fiverr should protect seller from scamer…

I’ll give you a tip…

Please don’t offer anything to a new buyer maybe he is not spamer but he is new so his expectation too high…

Please communicate buyer before place order, some buyers order your gig without any conversation so please add this note in your gig

If buyer gives you high amount for a simple work then please stay away…( I recently experience this)

Maybe it’s helpful to you and I extremely sorry for my poor english

Sheriff’s note: stop spamming other threads, please! If you need some help, post your own thread and wait for other users to answer.

I have had steady sales for the last 3 months on Fiverr because of resellers. These people are potentially your repeat customers. Through my description and terms, I have worked most of the consistent problems that the situation presents. I have had some resellers that I stopped working with because they were not competent in the process. Some of my resellers represent $5000.00 in sales.