Stop whining, start reading


Hi everyone!
I’m not only a fiverr seller, but as well an occasional buyer, and forum reader, and after posting a pretty specific buyer request I found myself with 20 identical offers that have NOTHING to do with my request.
I know that the forum is full with “send buyers requests”, but please, pay attention to what your buyer says.

example from my experience, I put the price and the super clear description of the position and the most popular offers were having “tell me how much will you pay me” and “I’m super professional, what’s the job about”, like what? How about reading for 30 seconds, it’s super annoying, I literally have 20 offers and not a single good one.

Anyway, what are your advises for beginners sellers? :smiley:


You speak 6 languages but only listed 4 on Fiverr.

What 2 other languages do you speak?


oh hi there, yeah, I was ranting on fiverr about the fact I can’t add more languages on my profile))
the other two are Greek and Ukrainian.


Greek wow you are going to go well with a lady after 6 months.


I think then you should remove Romanian and put in Greek instead.

Since you do not have a gig relating to Romanian.

Heck you could even remove English, since it is quite natural that you do speak it, given from your profile description and gig descriptions.


I use all the languages for my translations, but thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Sure no problem.


I said the same thing about 4 days ago


I’m right now having almost 40 offers out of which only 2 read the description and still didn’t understand the task… oh gosh.


wait, what do you mean?))
I’m sometimes bad with jokes))


You’ll meet a person who can speak Greek soon. Unfortunately she’s banned from forum for 6 months.


Oh, so sad :frowning:
why? why someone would be banned from the forum in generally?)))


May be you wanna check out her posts. She’s called @emmaki


Oh, I remember her, I love her humor, but I’ve been super passive on the forum in the last 8 months, I guess I missed something.


Thank you very much for your advice.