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Stop Working For Free! The New Trend Now on Fiverr is BAD!

These days, I keep seeing buyers request saying “you must work first before they can order from you!” The Freelancing ideology is moving into fiverr…

Soon… we’ll all be working for free! Because those Bloody buyers will only take all the samples they get and send it over to the Original job owners and get paid Huge amounts of Money for doing absolutely Nothing!

I’ve personally worked for several buyers like this that would first request for you to design before they will place an order. Even after several hours of trying to convince these set of buyers, they still insist on their ideology. Then after you take over 24 hours to brainstorm and make them a great design, they just Ghost you after receiving the work.

I’ve had a very recent experience that is really making me MAD at myself and I have promised myself that I will never allow any buyer to do this to me again.

If you want to see a sample design… show commitment too… even if it’s going to be a $10 commitment for an $100 gig!

Have you had any BAD Experience like this before? Kindly share and let’s all learn how we can stop these leechers from taking our intellectual properties and make millions out of it for free!



They are only buyers if they actually buy.

Why waste several hours? Just tell them that you don’t offer free custom samples, and that they need to place the order. You can also mention that Fiverr strongly advises sellers never to start working until an actual order is placed. If they keep trying to convince you, just ignore them.


Yes, last week 4 buyer contact me and requested to do free works. I think they aren’t genuine. Potential buyers always pay $5 and request a sample.


No one asking for free work will ever convert into a buyer you will have any kind of rewarding experience with in the long-term.

Even when people ask to see samples of writing which I have completed previously, I will only oblige such requests if:

  • The expected total of a minimum order will amount to $50 -$60 plus

  • The buyer has been using Fiverr for over a year

  • The buyer communicates in a way which tells me that they are likely a native English speaker

Anyone who doesn’t meet these requirements isn’t asking for a sample to check for quality. They are looking for a sample which they can use to present as their own to their own clients.

As for any other free work, I get trapped into doing more than I should on a daily basis by people placing orders and directly requesting more than they have paid for. In this case, working for free without an order in place is just madness.


They are not the type of buyers you want anyway. A relationship that starts off without trust and with one side trying to get something for nothing from the other is always going to end badly, whether in business, on Fiverr or life in general. Tell them it’s not happening and walk away. Spread this word to the rest of Fiverr!


Wish I knew about Fiverr when I used to outsource my work. I could have made hundreds of thousands if not millions off these innocent new sellers.


No because I’m not a pushover.
After 2500 orders you’re still giving out free samples, why? You should have learned by now which users are worth your time and which aren’t.

Nope, my design mockups cost $50 and all my clients have paid for it before ordering a complete website. I don’t see a reason why I would give out free samples to anyone. In fact, I will probably raise it again in a month or so to focus more on high paying customers.


Ha! Yeah I had a cold message once being like “hey, so i need a book ghost written. You will write 1-2 chapters for free as a sample before I submit the full order. Keep in mind you are up against 10 other sellers who are competing for this job. If I like you, then I will use you.”

I actually went back to him and politely told him I wasn’t interested in his offer and I don’t work for free. He got mad, which is typical of this kind of “buyer”. I told him what was stopping him from approaching many sellers saying “You will write chapters 1-2, You will write 3-4 and so on and so forth” until his whole project has been done for free. I’d laugh at any finished product - with so many styles of writing it will read like someone who had no idea what they were doing! Hahaha!

He told me I “just didn’t get his project” I was like “Nah I just don’t think you get how being a BUYER works.”


Hum, is there a common theme, here?!? :thinking:

I buy tons of articles/writing gigs and a good amount of proofing gigs with a dabbling of other things. I have never asked for a free sample.

If I want to “test” a seller, I order a $5 gig.


It’s your own decision if you do work for free so don’t complain about it.

No, only ones who agree to do it, not the rest of us.


Another thing is people asking for free samples. Those are never prepared to buy, and only wants free stuff. So never accept if someone wants a test first. Instead recommend them to test a very affordable $5 test order, which they always decline. :roll_eyes::laughing:


Pfft. Never going to happen. I, for one, will not work for free. My skills, 15 years of experience (doing what I do), and my unique insight are worth much more than 0$. :wink:


My sister is also a freelance designer and she learned the hard way to never ever provide anything for free, because even a sample takes time that you could be using to work on a paid project. The live portfolio is available for free, if they want to see more then they should be ready to pay. A good client will know this is how business works.


I have the impression there are lots of scammers out there in the freelance platforms during the last few weeks. Very strange, they are everywhere! I wonder what the CEOs of freelancing sites will do about it.


It’s nothing to do with the CEO of Fiverr or anywhere else.

If you’re being asked by non-buyers to do free work, you’re the only one who’s at fault if you agree to it. Nobody’s forcing you to do it, nobody can give you a bad review if you say no (because they haven’t bought anything).

Just say no! :sunny:


I’ve never had bad experiences like that because I’m protected by:

  1. My firm belief that all people are pieces of [guess] until proven otherwise. Therefore - I never give anyone undeserved benefit of the doubt.
  2. Great respect for my time, work, and attention.
  3. Disdain for time wasting and dealing with idiots.
  4. Reasonable intelligence.

So in a nutshell - no. Feudal slavery has ended centuries ago and anyone trying to blackmail me into doing free work, with any technique, including but not limited to: promise of future reward, threat of a bad review, pleading, begging or “inquiring to see how good are my skills before placing a huge order” will encounter:

  1. Ignoring.
  2. Firm "I’m a professional and I’ll only do this for [$price]
  3. Ridicule

Depending on my mood.

Therefore, to answer your questions - no, I’ve never had them. And I don’t consider them a problem as individuals have been taking advantage of the weak (physically and mentally) since the dawn of time.

Nothing new on Fiverr. Nothing new under the Sun.

It’s up to you how you’ll react to it and let it affect you.


This is very true ! :disappointed_relieved:


This is the reason they are supposed to place an order before you do the job.


I get requests like that all the time, but I don’t give in. If I did, I’d be the stupid one, not them. If you give in, you have no one to blame but yourself.


This is not about looking smarter than anyone else and arguing about safety, but it is about using common sense. I have been in marketplaces that let me know when someone is a scammer. They learn the scammers tricks, and they act upon it with the help of technology. Of course, scammers will always try to smart out programming that catches them. So, yes, senior management has to do something about it. Some already have! Thanks.