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Stopped getting any orders on Fiverr

Hi everyone!

I have been a hard working and an eager fiverr member. Even made it to the level 1 seller a couple of months back. But the problem started when I became sick and was unable to reach my account/customers and they went undelivered.

Now, I have some negative reviews on my profile and I am not getting any orders.

Need help and guidance about how to bring my account back to life.

Thanks for your time!

I think negative reviews are really hard to come back from in the early days but you could always delete that one gig you have them on and revamp your other descriptions. Also, you really have to get into the habit of letting buyers know when something goes wrong in future and in need be, cancel orders which you don’t think that you will be able to complete. Good Luck!

Deleting a gig does not remove the negative effect those reviews had on a seller’s overall ranking. It just deletes the gig. The negatives remain attached to a seller’s account indefinitely (unless manually changed by the buyer, or removed along with a refund of the order).

Unfortunately fiverr dislikes it when orders are late or never delivered so they punish the seller by letting everyone know that they have delivered late. It can be hard to come back from and get your ratings back up after late orders. I’m not sure what the answer is.

Yeah. Unfortunately it’s a tough punishment… I’ve been very very active on Fiverr lately and created several new gigs. But still no luck with orders.

If you create a gig, you need to be responsible for completing any orders from it on time (which is actually a time-frame you yourself have set). The punishment is not at all harsh, but rather, 100% commonsense. Maybe you need to consider pausing your gigs. Just because you are away, doesn’t mean the orders stop coming in.

If you don’t complete your orders on time, your Fiverr rating drops. And if your rating drops low enough, you won’t be receiving many orders. You need to treat your gigs like a business if you wish to be successful, even if it means closing up shop when you are sick.

That does make sense. I’ll be careful from now. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: