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Stopped getting orders again. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve coasted along 2 months without any sort of feedback, fine-tuning my gigs on my own to make them easier to look at and now I’m here with minimal results. I am thinking of adding more gigs in a few more categories, including what is relevant to the skills I offer (digital drawing) - but I worry it’ll end up with the same results as right now. I might even start up gigs related to writing as I’m also good at that- but I’m worried that it will look sort of unprofessional on a profile like mine. Buyer requests have been of minimal help, as were my attempts to promote my work on social media. Should I increase my prices and see if that helps? Should I go ahead and make more gigs in different categories? Should I just give up because of the incredible competition? I’m running out of ideas and getting increasingly frustrated.

Here’s my profile.
I would really, really appreciate someone taking their time to point out what could help. What am I missing?


Since Fiverr crops images automatically for thumbnails, you’re loosing some of your images:

I like that you have references to the source for your ‘cute’ gig, but the banana’s don’t have a reference. I know they don’t need one, but that makes the examples inconsistent. (Also, sorry, but the fourth image, I personally don’t find cute at all.)

The tattoo gig, the lines are varied in thickness, so there’s inconsistency there too. The ‘stars’ in the second image are all identical in line ratio thickness.



Thanks for pointing that part out. You’re right, I should’ve paid more attention to my thumbnails.

Yeah, I’ll admit I put that out there only because people liked it. I actually removed a photo with a reference just because I didn’t like it as much.

This opinion, however, is pretty subjective, though. :laughing:
This was from a request, and I tried to match it up with the gig while fulfilling the requests of the buyer as completely as possible.

Again, I had not realized how much consistency mattered in general. Should I replace the images to add more consistent ones, or should I actually attempt to tweak the images themselves? The former will take time, but I’m worried doing the latter will ruin the image.

Thank you for taking your time.

Professionalism is all about consistency. Mostly in quality, but that’s why it’s difficult to demonstrate to potential buyers, so anything that can communicate that helps. As for the banana pic, all it need are some words: (Image of banana bunch) “Challenge: Make this cute!” (Then your image beside it for scrutiny.) Be careful in what font/size/color(s) you use, if you go that route. On the tattoo question: I cannot give advice on that. I have no experience as a tattoo applier, only as someone who finds the process interesting. In art in general, though, line thickness can make big differences.

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The emphasis on making it “cute” sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll just have to make more gigs with consistency in mind in the meantime, as this is admittedly getting harder than I initially thought because of it being so subjective.
I’ll think I’ll pause the second gig because it seems I have more work to do.

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That’s the experience of almost almost every new user. Acknowledging it and putting in the work to improve is a big step in the right direction.

You don’t have to pause the gig while you prepare the new content, but it’s your choice. I will caution, do try to make all your updates per gig in the same session. Editing messes with algorithms, and not it a good way.

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You need to remove your Instagram details from your gig description as sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your “cute” gig has 2 reviews in the last week so I would suggest that you leave it as it is.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


I completely missed those! Good catch.

I agree, if you’re getting orders, don’t make big changes.


@lloydsolutions Removed those, thanks!

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I think I will make some edits to my gigs eventually for the sake of neatness, but I’ll leave them as is for now as long as nothing is breaking the rules. With this in mind, I’ll make some new gigs instead of tweaking my older ones. Even if it’s in a different category than what I currently offer as a primary, I’m willing to take the risk now.

Looks like the improvements have paid off some! I like the changes.
I suppose one thing you can do is expand your profile description.

(Note: It’s perfectly acceptable to post updates in your original thread, instead of creating a new one. This way anyone can see what’s already been recommended, and more easily see what’s been improved.)

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So glad to hear it! Thanks for helping me out once again. I guess I should expand a bit more into my background, I guess?
I’m not as worried about a few slumps here and there as I was before. More positive feedback means faster growth and quicker recoveries. I’ll go delete the new thread, then. (edit: ah, man I can’t. I’ll just leave it)

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A bit of background works. Imagine you’re sitting in a job interview and the hiring manager says “Tell me a bit about yourself.” What do you say? What should you say? On the internet, you obviously shouldn’t divulge anything personal or private, but: Google results for ‘Job Interview Questions’

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So, I updated my bio. I don’t think it’s that much of a real problem anymore, compared to…

I’ll be honest here.
I feel like I need to get my game up. Maybe I’m lacking some sort of self-awareness. I may have some skills, but it would take several hours to get every gig appealing enough to myself, and maybe that’s why I’m still struggling. Everything feels empty to me, and I don’t think I’ve offered anything yet with a real demand that’s yet to be fulfilled. The few stuff I’ve done so far? I believe I was just in the right place at the right time. Now, for me to not give up on what I started, I’ll have to do that sort of thing more often. Which means I’ll have to slowly, but completely overhaul everything.

Or maybe the algorithm is messing me over again.

Yes, it’s likely to take a big chunk of time overall, but that’s why it’s intimidating. Break it down, don’t look at the whole elephant, but one bite at a time. Slowly is fine as long as you’re still moving. You only fail if you quit.

As for the feeling empty, that might be a sign of something else that needs some attention.

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By the empty part, I feel like there’s something crucial missing in whatever is at display here. It’s not about feeling emotionally empty overall, in case it was worded like that. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist, or maybe it’s part of that ‘something else’ you mention. This is a confusing time, indeed…

Could be all the negative space. The Belle art uses purple as the background, rather than white. Maybe something that makes the lineart pop more?

I’ll just go ahead and set up the Belle in a similar dimension to the Swift one, and replace the latter altogether with something new. That was from an earlier time and I think I’ve improved since then.
Although, I don’t think my gig images are that much of a problem anymore. I’m increasingly aware that there are bigger things at play.

:slightly_smiling_face: I meant that a lot of the other gig images are all white-background, while you use purple for the one, so the others might benefit in a similar way.

Ah, I see. I guess I’ll give it that white-bg treatment. Or do it the other way round. Whatever fits. Just hoping all this editing won’t affect the algo too hard…