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Stopping Forum Spam

As much as I hate it, the solution is probably to implement captcha for posting.

It tends to be very effective. It’s getting really bad lately.

I know you guys are working hard, just what I had to do on my sites to kill it.

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Forum full of spam today. Captcha please.

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What I don’t understand is why there’s a ‘report’ button next to each of your names, but there isn’t a button next to the names of the bots (some of the recent spam posts). At least then we’d be able to report it, but the option isn’t there.

I haven’t seen any bot spam without a report button. If you have a screen shot I would be glad to forward it to forum devs, but I don’t think that exists. I’ve removed hundreds of bot spam posts manually and have never seen one without a report button.

The second thing to realize is that the report button is actual not that useful for bot spam. Report is a GREAT tool for ordinary spam in small numbers because the moderation team can read each reported post and decide on them. Bot spam comes in such high numbers and is very obvious when it does that we don’t even look at the reports - we just go directly to bulk removal. It’s fine to keep clicking report, I just wanted you to be aware that it doesn’t have any real affect when spammers get into hundreds of posts in a few hours. Human moderators can’t totally keep up at that level.

@orcatek Thanks for the props, the moderation team was working away at the spam but a tool that was working was broken and it got out of hand again. I don’t know why there was resistance to captcha for a long time except that it seems to have some conflicts with global login, but that’s just an observation on my part and not based on anything I know for sure.

That said, captcha was implemented a little before or after you posted this. I don’t remember the exact date. It only applies to user accounts that are most likely to post spam on a small or large scale so you probably haven’t been asked to solve a captcha, but others have. The down side is that captcha is not working perfectly just yet and something about it (maybe the global login issue) is preventing some normal users from being able to easily create new posts. The dev team is working on the problem. In the meantime, you should have already noticed a great decrease in the bot spam. Thanks!

Does the report button go away after being clicked once, regardless of who clicked it? I know I clicked one earlier and it disappeared when the page reloaded.