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Stopping sellers offering a service for a website that does not allow the service?

I’m not sure exactly where this topic should go so excuse me if it’s in the wrong forum.

I have looked through the Fiverr FAQ and Fiverr TOS with no success in finding an answer so here goes. Is there anything a website owner can do if someone on Fiverr is offering a gig for a specific website that is against the rules of that website? I’m talking about selling likes and comments. Is there a rule at Fiverr about getting those gigs removed?

It depends on the process. For example. I sell likes. But I don’t sell the likes themselves. I sell a service that promotes a page until it gets likes. Which is not against any TOS. Granted. I promote to my own network that expects it and Likes. But the basis is the same. Promote till real likes are obtained. Doesn’t matter if I’m promoting to my own group of Likers. They’re real likes.

Of course, we all know that you CAN buy a like but you CAN’T buy a true fan. That would just be silly. lol

But. I feel that’s not the answer you are looking for. You’re probably asking about people selling fake likes. Well… It’s not allowed.

However. May I ask answer your question with another question. And I’ll ask with complete respect. Why does it matter to you what someone else is doing?


@kjblynx - I don’t pretend. Even doing things the way I do can be construed as a little shady. Yes. I promote pages and buttons. But I promote to a network I’ve already built up and gets paid for liking. (Or compensated). So. On one hand, I post links to promote… but on the other hand I already know they will be liked when posted.

But, I think the big difference is that the accounts are real. But, the biggest problem is there are still a lot of people who think they’re getting real likes. And they are getting real likes. Just not real fans. Although sometimes some of my guys become real fans… it rarely happens.

I think it all comes down to what the buyer expects. And the quality of work you provide.

I don’t promise to replace or replenish Likes that vanish. Because my likes never do! Ha ha.

I think, the best advice about Fiverr I could give, if any would be not to waste time looking for / reporting people. There’s so much more you can do for yourself. Especially here on Fiverr. Things are always in a state of flux. Nobody is really sure what’s allowed and what isn’t because it changes, or depends on a single word.

I found that out already. I lost a gig with 6000 postitive reviews and no negatives. Why? Because my gig was over 2 years old. (Things were a lot less strict back then LOL) And didn’t contain the word “Promote” in the title. Even though the gig itself explained how I did things. I was mad. But got over it. There’s so much more to worry about than other people. Just do what you can, the best you can and carry on.

Wow. This message came out wayyy longer than I thought.

You guys are explaining what/why/how you do things here at Fiverr and that isn’t what I was asking. I honestly have no problem with Fiverr as a whole. TOS agreements change from website to website and while they are mostly all similar they are still site specific. Many websites have rules against “fake” reviews, likes, comments. Fake includes those that are bought and sold because they are not genuine, they are contrived. Not much different than Spam IMHO. I’m sure Fiverr removes fake Gigs and obvious spammers from Fiverr, right? My point is that I support Fiverr and would have no problem with defending the Fiverr reputation by removing content on my own website if it was requested of me to do so from Fiverr. So why not understand that other websites want to protect their reputation as well and work with them? A code of ethics so to speak.

I guess to be even more specific I will ask why there is no ‘Report this Gig’ button here at Fiverr? Why no “Report” button on Gig pages? All I found was the process of reporting copyright material. Sellers that have any sense know not to plagiarize because that will get them in trouble. So they can get away with offering a service within the rules of Fiverr but it may be breaking the rules of the website where the actual “work” will be done.

Sorry I kind of winded out my reply also. It happens… :wink: