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Stopping spam messages by auto closing inbox


Would it be possible to automatically close connection, between buyer & seller, a week or so after order completion?

Once an order has been accepted, I really don’t see why the sellers have unlimited ability to continue to contact me, weeks, months, forever.

Once I contact a potential seller and find out they are not able to do the project, they unfortunately have the ability to contact me forever.

Once a conversation takes place, there should be a timer that loses connection between two parties, a week after the last conversation. In case of two sellers who buy from each other, they can contact using gig page vs inbox.

Getting spammed with messages, asking me how I’m doing as a thinly veiled attempt for whatever motive, is tiresome. If I want to have a friendly conversation, I come to forum. I use 5r main site to do business not to converse.

Thank you for any consideration.


Since you are a buyer not a seller, change the email connected to Fiverr to something you don’t use for day to day work, so you won’t get disturbed. Second, only say “no” and forget about it. No explanation, no reprimands, nothing. Just write “no” in the first message and forget about it, don’t reply back no matter how many messages they send…that’s what I do.


My spam messages are different than yours. It’s not that simple.

I have several emails, one is for business - 5r is business.

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Sellers can always be contacted, but I agree that buyers should be protected from spamming.

Sounds good, or maybe an option to do that from the buyer’s side? Something that you could turn off and on, as needed?


I’ll take it. :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

You remember when I first signed up my account was ga_riley2? One of the reason I got rid of that was because, I was new and using buyers request. I’d inbox and ask sellers a one time question.

Unfortunately, that led to tons of contact. I was getting custom offers, completely out of the blue. I don’t get how some sellers think sending random offers will make me order.

One day I woke up to about a zillion messages of custom offers, how are you, what you been up to, etc. I don’t know if it was coincidence or everyone was having a slow month or what. It was around holiday period.

It was awful. I contacted customer support, cancelled that account and hook this one to my old email. I learned my lesson, I don’t contact sellers for questions as often any more. That’s kinda bad because I’m sure I’ve missed out on some great sellers.


Looks like you’ve been contacting the wrong sellers.

There are a lot of sellers who would never message you out of the blue and try to sell you something you haven’t asked for.

Then again, it’s hard to know in advance whether someone would spam you or not.


It’s a shame that many blogs and forums about Fiverr “success” actually tell to do follow-ups with your previous buyers. Many sellers read those tips and become the masters of spamming.

For instance, when I started working on Fiverr at the time I was 16 and I had no clue of business, communication and etc, so instead of being professional, I was also spamming people. But as soon as I started reading a lot of books (Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki, Trump… and lots of others), I felt ashamed of how I communicated and I had no clue that I was spamming. :slight_smile:


As a seller, I would love the option not to receive messages from other sellers, since they are almost exclusively spam!


Oh… and you are just a beginner on Fiverr… To be continued… :stuck_out_tongue:


What if another seller wants to buy from you?


It’s a good point - But I have probably received over 100 spam messages in the last month, and zero from other sellers wanting to buy. I’d just like to see some way to reduce the deluge of seller spam… Perhaps if there were to be some sort of “account age” restrictions, since my guess is most of the spammy accounts are setup for the explicit intention of spamming before Fiverr finds and eradicates them…

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I have buyers from years ago who still regularly contact me, sometimes to chat, sometimes to place an order. Some have gone a year or more without placing an order and then one day they again come back and decide to order from me.

So I want anyone and everyone to be able to contact me whenever they want to unless I have blocked them. I have too many very long term buyers to set a limit on how long they have to contact me.