Stopppppp the spammmm!


No, seriously, stop.

I’m all for new sellers, since I was one very recently, but stop asking me to buy your gig in exchange for a refund.

Do it the honest way. pokes inbox It’s been getting annoying and it has been happening for the past week. I don’t want to hit the report button on new sellers, because it’s likely they just ‘dont know,’ but stahpit.

That’s all. :X


I mean, we have a forum. They can post on the forum to advertise their gig!

I don’t know where people are getting this idea that you should “buy feedback” but it’s been a trend lately… It’s one thing if I like your gig and you like mine. We can buy each other’s gigs! But why would I buy a gig for something I have no use for just to have you “return the money” to me? >.<


I just had one too. I told them they’re running the risk of losing their access to Fiverr. They thanked me and said they had no idea they shouldn’t be doing it.