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"Store" link broken? 🤔

Recently noticed this Store link on the bottom of the forum.

It’s directing towards a Fiverr account with username store! It doesn’t have any gigs there!

So, is that a broken link? Is it originally meant for a Fiverr “merchandise” like store?
Does anyone know about this?


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I’m pretty sure that at some point Fiverr intended to use it as an actual store but then somehow never managed to make it happen because of other priorities. The user was created in 2010 so just when Fiverr began. I believe it is not a priority and not broken, simply there.

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I am not able to see any such thing in the menu

It’s at the bottom of the site (forum).

It’s not broken for me it takes me to play store easily

It used to lead to a Fiverr t-shirt store, then it went to a Teespring store, now it’s not being redirected anywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:


Probably, you’re clicking on Play Store badge!

I saw now yes takes to profile where there are no gigs.

You shall make Fiverr aware about this so they can fix it

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