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Storefront photos turned off by Fiverr (selective choosing)


It appears as though Fiverr CS has turned off my ability to upload cover photos.

At first, I was receiving 2-4 emails saying my photos violated the rules. I changed them and made sure they fit into the guidelines and still got rejection emails.

Then my ability to upload was completely nuked.

I have found numerous sellers with different seller levels from all over the world who can upload their storefront photos. (So it must not be a bug)

and Fiverr has yet to give me a better response other than their canned one about how to not violate the rules of a storefront photo.

Also, I have posted 3 separate comments on the facebook page, all of which were deleted by Fiverr.

I have been a great seller with 100% feedback, over $4000 made in profits, which means a ton of money I have given to Fiverr… What gives??? I love Fiverr, but the feelings of choosing who gets the perks and who doesn’t when it’s supposed to be open to all, hurts.


Join the club. many of us have had the same problem. You’re not special enough, Oh and they can’t reactivate it so they say. must be to hard to press buttons.


Wait! What? I thought it was just me!

I submitted a few different cover photos too, and all were rejected for "poor quality graphics."

So, my dumb a** went out and bought a better camera, shot a “quality graphic” and then attempted to upload my masterpiece…only to discover that the option to add a cover page completely disappeared from my gig.

I’m new and don’t have anywhere near the volume of sales y’all do. But, I agree that if any of us deserves a cover page, it would be sellers like you with similar sales records.

I’d be willing to earn a cover page by reaching a certain level. But, not even having the option is super weird! So, my plan is to consider it a glitch that’ll eventually go away. If this strategy doesn’t work, I’m going to kick and scream.


I would keep posting on their Facebook and flood the support desk until they address the issue.

Until they give a reasonable answer, I will assume that they are hand-picking who they want to be successful and who they don’t care about. Obviously they want to make money, but keeping other people down to do so is an unfair business practice. #fiverrUnfair


Reply to @ellenishatx: I have completed over 1000 gigs and got positive reviews on almost 1000. the rest have been cancellations and very very few negative reviews or late cancels. I have been here almost 3 yrs. My first yr I wasn’t that active as a seller and didn’t get many sales but I am a pretty good seller and very convincing. I can sell ketchup popsicles in white gloves as the expression goes. even without a level badge right now I could convince sellers to order more than 1 gig if i wanted to and I have a lot of regulars who frequently buy. I don’t need a stupid version 2 banner. Just be creative in your selling tactics that’s all you need.


same thing happened to me my photos got rejected they took away the ability for me to upload anymore and now out of nowhere my cover photos are back up I have no idea how considering I don’t have the option and the previously emailed me saying they took them down…


Reply to @elliott22x: …kind of like they’re picking the “recommended” and “handpicked gigs” with zero reviews.

Does make one wonder.

Sorry you’re going through all that, Elliott.


Reply to @tarotkatya: I know right!?! Unfair marketplace tactics.

I’m thinking of moving some of my business over to or something and get customers who pay actual retail for Voice overs, rather than $5


Same here. I’m hoping the option will be available for me again.