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Storing money on Fiverr

I want to store up to $600 on Fiverr, and for that i probably will need a year i guess, and then when i get $600 i will withdraw it to my PayPal. Right now i have some money on my Fiverr account, but i am wondering does that money have some kind of expiration period? If i withdraw money to PayPal at the end of month it will be transferred to my bank account and i will probably spend it :smiley: So is it safe to store money on Fiverr?

I’m no expert, but I would seriously not recommend you to do that. I’ve seen all sorts of horror stories in the forum about sellers’ accounts being hacked and their money being stolen. And now you’ve just advertised to the world that you want to store hundreds of dollars in Fiverr! My advice is to take your earnings out of Fiverr as regularly as possible. It’ll probably be safer under your mattress!

You could just set up a savings account and link it to your PayPal, then withdraw your money directly to it. You may even make a penny or two of interest if it’s a good savings account.

In any case, I agree with @valanne, don’t risk losing it or not being able to access it because of potential Fiverr shenanigans you’ll have no control over.

U just need to keep it secure. and there is no harm in withdrawing the money

in 2015 someone access my account and change my paypal withdrawal email. i think i loss around 380$ I would not recommend you to do that.