Story of 20,000$


”what is fiverr?” that was me about 3 years ago in 2015. I signed up Fiverr. Checked the site. Created some gigs. Got no response. Closed the site. I was disappointed like many other new sellers.

I came back in august 2017. That’s when I came up with some skills in Adobe after effects created a single gig. I was getting some impression but no order. I shared my gig on social media and started sending proposals on buyer requests.

First Order:

My first order of 5$ came through buyer requests. I gave her 15 revisions (my lack of experience). Order completed with 5 stars and 10$ tip. I was so much happy and motivated but with a misconcept that orders only came through buyer requests. If you wanted to know how to send buyer request link is given below.

My 2nd and 3rd order also came through buyer request.

“TING TING” ‘Notification’ *You got a new order click to get requirements.

Waooooo is this reall, What the he*l My first regular order!!!

My concept that buyer will never reach my gig is gone away. I started getting orders. I learned some more skills and created 3 more gigs of regarding to animation. I always tried to give my best to my clients, I got some regular buyers. My gig ranked better and better in my category till I get ranked on first page in my catagory.

Orders in queue:

I was bombarded with orders from 1 order to 13 order a day. I’ve seen days when I had more than 20+ orders in queue on my gig. Here is screen shot of 13 orders in a day :wink:

Experience of GIG ranked to first page:

One of my gig got a chance to get ranked on first page. It was my best months. I’ve got several orders a day and had a lot of messages from buyers per day. I was like online whole day to respond to buyers and keeping up my statistics.In those days, I had worked almost 14+ Hours a day

Max sales per month

My first month was only of 36$ with 12$ tip. In 4th month it rises to 236$. It was my sixth month my monthly sales crossed 1000$ then to 2000 and 4000$ a month. Maximum sales I got 4594+ 70$ tip month that was in august 2018.


My experience towards Buyers:

Most of the buyers I faced are gentle and kind. I’ve very few cancellations most reasons I faced are orders by mistake from buyers. So I’m satisfied on this point. Treat each and every buyer as a long term buyer. Value them and try to resolve issue with respect.

Is there some bad days you faced here?

Till now, I would say a no. Sometimes you get less sales, but I think that is the time when you can polish your skills, update and check your gigs. Create some new gigs. Can Market yourself. And find some new ways to build up your career ahead.

Orders Completed:

I’ve completed almost 1000+ Orders with 5.0 rating.

Ranking Experience:

Level one seller badge was almost done with in my first month. Because in those days only 10 orders were required. Then my race started towards level 2 seller it was quite long. I had reached level 2 seller goal in seven months. And on 4 April 2018 I was level 2 seller.

After being nominated for level 2 seller my sales boosted gradually from 1000+ a month to 4000$ a month. Within six months I boosted and now in this Month 15 Nov 2018 I’m going to nominated for Top Rated seller wish me Good luck.


**In start everything quite look not working, but you have to stay calm and continue to try different things out to get your sales. Try increase your skills set and build your portfolio. There would be one day when you will be counted as successful seller.

Thank You

Thank you fiverr and Fiverr forum Members who’s value able replies helped me when ever I needed. Some of my favorite nominations are @misscrystal @miiila @vickiespencer @fonthaunt

Feel free to ask anything about my one year of sales here on fiverr!! BTW Ignore my writing mistakes :wink:


I’m glad you have that experience too. Sometimes, reading the forum could make one think all buyers, and sellers too, are monsters :wink: but new sellers really shouldn’t be afraid of that and start their Fiverr journey with enthusiasm and an open mind (albeit with a bit of common sense and healthy scepticism).
Your story certainly will inspire many people.
Congrats on your journey so far and good luck for the next stretch of way! :mountain_snow:


Congratulation for your achievement and I wish you best of luck with TRS nomination.


Your outlook is very positive which is something we don’t see often enough on the forum. Thanks for your post! Keep it up no matter what happens with your levels. TRS sometimes takes a long time to attain even after nomination (and sometimes it does not happen) but it could! No matter what, with a great outlook and work ethic you have better chances of remaining successful in all your business endeavors. :+1: :slight_smile:


Nice experience, thanks for sharing. The success is a mix of professionalism, good business insight, providing the best customer experience, and developing your skills every day. Then, some day, the machine starts working, and the rollercoaster begins!


Congratulation. Wish you all the best.


Wow, that is really a great Fiverr career path! I wish one day, I will figure out a way to earn that much :stuck_out_tongue: and write a similar story on forum.


Congratulation. Wish you all the best.


Congrats, that is a beautiful story. Very motivating and inspiring. Keep up the good work! :+1::grinning:


Awesome story, for sure anyone who read this will find motivation.


I really like your post! Thank you for sharing! :grin:


Congratulation man.:smiley:
best of luck :relaxed:


cheer mate :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: to your $20,000 one day i will go same direction so wish me luck


Thank you wish you best of luck too!! :slight_smile:


Good Luck in your fiverr career :slight_smile:


Thanks, man good luck to for the future :grinning:


Thank gosh… something quite wonderful and positive for people on here. We need more of this.



I am motivated a lot.

Though it is very less for your success but Congratulation to you…


Thank you for sharing your journey i came to community forum to get some motivation since i am struggling with my sales and goals and this is the very first post i clicked on and i am instantly motivated so a big thanks and good luck for TRS badge.


How did you choose product?