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Story of my account hacked by a spam Buyer

hello everyone,

hope everything is going well on your side. I am going to share my experience that happened about 12 hours ago.

Some days ago i responded to a buyer request of a buyer who was looking for logo with some specifications.
About 12 hours ago i got a response from her side that she is interested in my offer and want a design exactly like in the link with pink color. I opened the link and it ask for google account. I was confused and thats why i used a different google account but unfortunately my fiverr account password and google password was same. She used that password and access my google account . After that she tried that password and gained access to my account. The very first thing she did is click on funds transfer. Luckily I have set gmail account on my phone that is present on payoneer and I got a message of funds transfer.
Firstly I click on the transfer link and transfer money to my account. After that i changed passwords from all of my account and saved all of my accounts.
That person was using proxy of Srilanka and account country was Bangladesh. I filed a complain to CS and ask to solve such issues from fiverr. hope fiverr team will help all of us in these conditions.

Thanks in advance for reading my experience . Please share your experience if you got such spamming messages so Other sellers will read and take advantage from this experience. Your reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance



I didn’t share email with her. I login to google account and then she stole my password.

??? You gave her your password? To your google account? Why?

At that moment i think She want something similar from that site and i have to login . I have understood that issue to some extend so i used different gmail account. I did’t noticed that the password of both the accounts were same.

She never shared her gmail address.
Review the post again Sir

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I didn’t share email.