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I just got scammed for $250 on fiverr, cuz the buyer asked to exchange money for him.After I transfer the money to him, he cancelled the completed order! I can’t believe what has just happened. Fiverr, are you kidding me? I want my money back!


Why would you offer to exchange money on Fiverr? This is not a money exchange! :woman_facepalming:


why would you exchange money? I think this is on you and fiverr won’t fix it, sorry


Fiverr won’t refund this. In fact it might cancel the account. This is highly criminal and the seller, without meaning to, participated in her own victimization. Who is to say that it wasn’t a relative or friend of the seller? Not that I’m saying it was but this is the situation it puts fiverr in.
And it’s obvious fiverr does not allow this kind of transaction in the first place. Personal information would also have to be given. I wonder what country is involved? :thinking:


Lol… Don’t blame fiverr now.

So let me just check how this happened. :face_with_monocle:
The seller does not have any gigs for transferring money to someone.
But still somehow got an order where she had to send $250 to someone. So she used her own money to do that.
Then was surprised when the order got cancelled.
And now wants fiverr to pay her back.

This might sound harsh, but I would hope that Fiverr removes and bans the accounts of both the Buyer and the Seller here. This isn’t even a TOS issue, this is a legality issue, and I don’t want the marketplace where we operate on to be associated with this kind of behaviour. I’m assuming that’s why the OP has now changed her post to remove all mention of her offering a currency exchange with a buyer?


This is the kind of thing where people get arrested for participating in credit card fraud and using stolen credit cards. That buyer could have done this with multiple sellers.

I’m assuming you were offered a ‘cut’ for this exchange? You may well be complicit in a crime here.

The buyer has likely stolen the credit card or has obtained details. Getting cash out at an ATM is impossible without the pin, so they offer someone on Fiverr a percentage to do a currency exchange for them. 99% of people would be able to see this is as much a scam as the Prince who needs you to hold on to his $12.5M for him…

You send them the cash, they refund the order and they’ve got your physical money. How could you not think this was going to happen!? Honestly you have nobody to blame but yourself. I reserve my sympathy for whoever’s card was stolen to make this transaction happen.

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There is no way to even prove to fiverr that she sent the money so really this is just a regular chargeback as far as fiverr is concerned and the seller is admitting she broke the rules.

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How can someone offer money exchange as a gig ? I’am still thinking about it ,

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I am new in fiver. But I can surely see that is your fault … I feel sorry for you

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How did the OP even exchange the money for the buyer without contact off of Fivrerr? :thinking:


Exactly right Miss Vickie. The entire thing is wrong in so many ways.