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Story time for logo designers

Newbies like me shouldn’t be giving advices, so instead of advice here is a little story time. If you are a logo designer and read it carefully, you will probably get something from it.

I’m an illustrator. I’ve done so far 6 orders, working currently on the 7th. This morning I woke up to a message that, in short, said this:" Hi! I really like your art style and was wondering if you could draw the logo for my business. (Plus plenty of informations on the business and the logo)."

This is not the first message like this that I get. In fact, half of the messages I get from Buyers are for logos. I’d be level one by now if I took the jobs, but I didn’t. I have no experience in designing logos, I don’t know how Vector drawing works and I have terrible lettering skills. I’m receiving so many messages for logos that I am now planning to attend classes on Skillshare about typography and logo design. Because let’s face it, losing half of my client because I don’t do logos is a big loss.

An important thing to note in this story is that I don’t have a 5$ package. My lowest package that include colors starts at 60$. This means that all the Buyers that approached me for logos were ready to order one for at least 60$. I’m saying that because I saw a couple of logo designers being told that 10$ was too expensive and that it was why they were not getting orders.

I went to have a look at my fellow illustrators competitors and what do I see in their live portfolio? Logos here and there. There is more than a 100 000 gigs in the logo category and most of them are 5$. So why would Buyers go to illustrators to get logos, when illustrators are more expensive on average? To me this clearly indicate here, that the price, is not the issue. Those Buyers wants something, something that they see in the illustrator category, but don’t see in the logo category.

I won’t spoon feed it to you, but read this story and think about it. Why do logo designer struggle to get buyers, yet illustrators receive plenty of logo request? What do illustrators offer, that most logo designers don’t. If you found the answer now you should know how to set yourself appart from the crowd. :wink:


Hahahaha… You are intelligent in a way I have to say. By the way, I’m not a logo designer or not an illustrator also but I have the same thought in my mind also. My thought is that those who need service in real they don’t think about the price they went for the quality of work.

Hope you get your answer.
Love from Bangladesh.

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Thank you for saying I’m intelligent… in a way… it happens to me from time to time. :rofl:

I already have the answer, all the requests I have received for logos and all the one I’ve seen on other illustrators gigs, had one thing in common. I’ve even put the clue word in bold in my post. :wink:

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Yes mam I notice that…Hehe.